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Support Subscriptions


  1. Choose a support subscription option from the drop-down menu above. 
  2. Put in your email address that you will use to send me questions and small task requests.
  3. Complete checkout using your preferred payment method (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Apple Pay, or Interac E-Transfer). 
  4. Contact me anytime you need help with your Shopify store/website, using the widget in the bottom left of the site or via email (support@stephensworld.ca).


All subscriptions include set number of tasks per month. Please see the Small Tasks FAQ for more information on what qualifies as a small task. Any unused tasks do not carry over into the next month. Unlike most Shopify Experts, I do not restrict tasks to one store per subscription - this means you can potentially have me do each task on a different store.


If you have purchased a full store/website setup package, you may qualify for a subscription discount. Please reach out to me for more details via either the widget in the bottom left-hand corner of the site, or email at support@stephensworld.ca.


I do my absolute best to respond to all requests in a timely matter, but if you're looking for extra fast responses, you can gain priority in my work load queue by signing up for a quarterly or annual subscription. Essentials subscribers get increased priority, and Premium subscribers get the highest priority. I pride myself on time management, and believe I have a great system in place for getting back to customers/clients as quickly as possible. However, during holidays or sales events (BFCM, Christmas, etc.) this extra bit of priority could make the difference between waiting a full day, or only a couple of hours.


My idea behind the support subscriptions is to be able to offer repeat customers a discount if they're purchasing multiple small tasks per month. For this reason, I will not be able to refund subscriptions if I've already completed any tasks for you. If I haven't done any tasks for you yet, and you're within 48 hours of purchasing your subscription, you can request a refund. Please contact me via the widget in the bottom left-hand corner of the site, or email me at support@stephensworld.ca, to request a refund. Support subscriptions will not automatically renew each year. I will notify you once your existing subscription expires, at which time you would need to decide if you would like to purchase another year or not. 


If you need more than 5-10 tasks per month, the ability to request large tasks, a fixed subscription length (not recurring), or the ability to call my personal number in the middle of the night for immediate support - then you may be interested in signing up for a custom support subscription. For more details, please contact me via the widget in the bottom left-hand corner of the site, or via email at support@stephensworld.ca.

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