Whether you're migrating an entire store to Shopify, starting a new store from scratch, revamping an existing store, or just need help with a handful of things - I've got you covered!



Gain confidence before hiring me. Read through the project checklists, as well as information on what to expect when working with me, how Shopify works, and much more.



My complete collection of reviews from past clients and merchants. From my time in the Shopify call center, to small tasks, complete store setups, & ecommerce platform migrations.

True Corset

"Fast, professional, and affordable."

Kevin Gillentine Art

"Stephen was so excellent to work with."

B. Viz Design

"We are very happy with our experience!"

Tiny Watts Solar

"Hiring Stephen is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made."

Lee Wolfe Pottery

"Stephen has been responsive, detailed and offered a great deal of knowledge."

Focus Fixings

"This marks my third project with Stephen's World. I couldn't be more satisfied!"

Kelowna Karting

"We couldn't be happier with the results!"

Make-A-Wish Canada

"Working with Stephen was a dream!"

Django & Juliette

"Made changing themes quick and easy."


"I couldn't be happier with the experience and highly recommend."

Farmer Joe's Gardens

"I highly recommend working with Stephen for your Shopify project."

Moss Growers Direct

"Stephen provided an accurate design."

Wander Disc Golf

"He exceeded my expectations and then some."

Raptor Racing

"Looks great!"

Chateau MS

"I highly recommend Stephen's World."

Infinity Label Group

"I will definitely use Stephen's services in a near future again."

Gelfenbeyn Fitness

"Very easy to communicate with, great understanding of solution required."

Toggle Clamp Store

"I couldn’t be more happy with our new website."

Axeman Tools

"Having Stephen assist us with this project from A to Z was worth the price."

Velo Lifestyle

"This looks great!"

Exposed Skincare

"Stephen has definitely showed his expertise and is worth the investment."

Trigger Airsoft

"Was on point with advice and managed the migration of our site seamlessly."

Cody & Sioux

"Stephen possessed the experience and knowledge to deliver our project."

Forest Foods

"He really made the process easy. I would highly recommend!"

Silver Stag Knives

"Working with Stephen's World has been a rewarding experience."

Music Spruce Canada

"A very positive experience and I would highly recommend his services."

Cheese Maker CA

"I absolutely LOVE the website!"


"Working with Stephen is just plain awesome and so is the website he built for me."


"If you're on the fence, just hit the button, hire Stephen and don't look back."

Lucky + Dog Austin

"Can't recommend him highly enough!"

Frenelle Jewellery

"Very good experience with Stephen."

Flight Factory Discs

"You are in good hands with Stephen's World!"

Deveney Stamps

"Stephen did a great job with our project."

Wonder Pens

"We highly recommend him, and look forward to working with Stephen in the future!"

Safari Pet Center

"Thanks for your help on the Cart. Looks good!"

Founders Club

"Stephen was quick, helpful and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend."

Simply Breathe

"Great job! Extremely pleased with my new store!"


"Thanks so much for all of your help."

Mark Steel Jewelry

"Not only completed the work, but made it better than we could have expected!"


"Highly recommend if you are looking to switch or start up Shopify."

Barking Babies

"We would highly recommend Stephen and will use him again ourselves as needed."

Close To You

"Thanks for your help!"

Hockey Authentic

"I couldn't imagine working with a more qualified expert!"

Art On Papers

"My site is more functional than ever and looks as professional as you could ever ask."

SH Motorsports

"Very pleased with look, feel and functionality."

Race Energy


View my past work, ordered from most recent to oldest.


✔ 20,000+ Support Interactions
✔ 700+ Positive Reviews
✔ 100+ Completed Projects
✔ 40+ Active Stores
✔ 8+ Years of Experience on Shopify
✔ English First-Language
✔ Former Shopify Guru
✔ BA from University of British Columbia

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Deluxe Setup
$6,850 CAD

create a new store from scratch
migrate an existing store to Shopify
products, collections, orders, customers
theme, nav, pages, apps, settings
guidance & support from start to launch
8 weeks of support after launching
~ 30 days turnaround time


Basic Setup
$3,600 CAD

create a new store from scratch
perfect for businesses new to Shopify
set up products + collections yourself
theme, nav, pages, apps, settings
guidance & support from start to launch
2 weeks of support after launching
~ 14 days turnaround time

Order Now

Site Revamp
$2,500 CAD

switch themes or upgrade versions
migrate content-only site to Shopify
improve homepage and navigation
consolidate pages and content
re-setup any previously used apps
1 week of support after launching

~ 7 days turnaround time


1-Day Session
$500 CAD

work on new stores or existing stores
multiple small tasks or one large task
request audit of existing setup
ask questions & get detailed responses
recommendations based on your needs
one afternoon of work (4 hours)
~ 48 hours turnaround time



If you're not seeing exactly what you're looking for above, or if you're not sure if your project falls within one of the packages that I offer, please feel free to reach out to me via email to negotiate a custom price for your project. I also offer discounts if you have more than one store that you'd like to hire me for.


Project Checklists

If you're not sure where to start, these will help point you in the right direction.

1. staff account login details - for me to access your current ecommerce admin

2. login credentials to your domain provider - so I can edit your DNS settings

3. ftp access credentials (if your site is privately hosted) - to install a migration bridge

4. which theme/template you would like to use - but don't purchase one yet

1. which theme/template you would like to use - but don't purchase one yet

2. an inclusive list of all your product categories and subcategories

3. graphics - slideshow images, logo, banners, badges, etc.

4. content for pages - about, contact, policies, etc.

5. domain name purchased - I recommend using GoDaddy

6. your product details organized in a spreadsheet - name, sku, price, description, link to images, variants, categories/tags, inventory, weight

1. which theme/template you would like to use - but don't purchase one yet

2. any new content (images, videos, text) for your homepage, content pages, or collections/products

3. list of any new features/functionalities that you're looking to add

4. list of any apps that you're currently using, which need to be re-setup/installed

1. a detailed summary of the task(s) you're looking to have done

2. any additional information that you think I may need to keep in mind when completing the task(s)

Things to Know

It's important that all of my clients read (and agree to) these four items before placing their order.

✔ migrate your products from another platform
✔ migrate your collections from another platform
✔ migrate your orders from another platform
✔ migrate your customers from another platform
✔ migrate your pages from another platform
✔ migrate your blog posts from another platform
✔ adding new products
✔ creating new collections
✔ set up navigation menus
✔ set up theme (site template)
✔ set up any pages you need
✔ set up any apps you need
✔ set up shipping rates
✔ set up local delivery
✔ set up in-store pickup
✔ set up tax rates
✔ set up markets
✔ set up store legal policies
✔ set up checkout settings & notifications
✔ set up brand settings
✔ set up notifications settings
✔ set up digital gift cards
✔ assist with payment gateways
✔ adding staff accounts
✔ adding store locations
✔ translating store into multiple languages
✔ domain DNS changes (to point your domain to Shopify when ready to launch)
✔ content proof-reading for proper grammar & spelling
✔ fielding any questions you have about the platform after launch
✔ making recommendations on apps and how to accomplish things

+ monthly Shopify fee, including any apps needed (~ $50 - $150 USD per month)
+ purchasing a theme (~ $180 - $485 USD, one-time fee)
+ any advanced custom coding modifications (for those I recommend, ~ $110 USD per task)
+ graphics creation (for those I recommend, ~ $25 USD per image)
+ advertising/marketing (ex. Facebook/Google ads)

All sales are final, regardless of if the project is completed or not. If you choose to cancel the project, or walk away at any point during the setup process, no refund will be issued. I cannot guarantee that you will make any sales, as that completely depends on your own marketing and advertising efforts. I cannot guarantee that your site will score high on Google's PageSpeed Insights, or that you will rank on the first page of search results. If for any unforeseen reasons, the site cannot be completed on time, no refunds will be given.

I have to note the above, to protect myself, as I can't afford to work on projects for multiple weeks for free. I have never had a situation where a project hasn't been completed, or where I've drastically missed a deadline (with the only exceptions being in a couple of cases where a client has gone MIA for personal reasons, thus delaying the project on their end). I take my work very seriously, and I always act with maximum professionalism. So with that said, I promise to do my absolute best to complete your project, to the highest quality possible, within your deadline for completion.

It's important to note that I work primarily via email. Aside from an initial call/chat at the start of the project (for new stores & migrations only), we will be communicating exclusively via email. This allows me to easily share links, screenshots, and videos - as I provide updates throughout the project. It also allows us to work async, meaning that we don't need to be online at the same time throughout the project. This is important on my end, as I work with clients from all over the world, and I need the flexibility of schedule in order to successfully work on multiple projects at the same time. With that said, I pride myself on my response times, and I will always reply within 1 business day, or else sooner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about my services and how I work with my clients.

I normally require payment in full, before starting your project. In some cases (for larger projects) I will allow the project to be split into more than one payment - this is something that would need to be negotiated before you place your order.

If I were to take your money and run away, it's very easy for you to get your money back, by filing a claim with PayPal. However, it's very hard for me to enforce payment, if a client decides to walk away or not pay at the end. For those reasons, I normally require full payment at the start.

Absolutely! As I go through the setup process, I will share with you (via email) what I have done, either via links or screenshots, and then you can let me know if anything needs to be changed or edited. Most of the time, I'm able to get things working to my clients' satisfaction within 1 or 2 edits.

I normally quote ~30 days for completion, though some projects may take less or more time. Since I'm paid per project, and not per hour, there is no benefit to me taking longer than necessary to complete your project. I will do my best to complete things as quickly as possible (without cutting any corners).

I am pretty flexible when it comes to changes and additions throughout the project. If it's something small that you'd like to add, then there's usually no problems in doing a bit extra. It's only if things drastically change that we would have to consider project scopes and fair use of my time. I handle all additional requests on a case-by-case basis, and most of the time I can accommodate additional requests at no extra charge.

It's hard to say how many hours a given project will take, as each project is unique and has different requirements.

I do not charge an hourly rate. It doesn't make sense for me to charge per hour, as I'm very efficient at my work. I would essentially be earning less than I'm worth, as I can get most things done quicker than other Experts.

As I work exclusively with Shopify, I know the platform very well. Other Experts may support a variety of platforms, so they may not be as well-versed with Shopify, since they spread their time over multiple platforms. The only times that I work with other platforms, is when my clients are leaving them for Shopify. I know just enough about the other platforms to be able to get data off of them, but I focus the bulk of my attention on learning and staying up-to-date with Shopify exclusively.

A 'development' store is essentially a new Shopify store/account which is in a perpetual trial period. It allows us to setup a large portion of the site, at our own speed (no time limitations), and without being charged Shopify's monthly fee. It's worth noting that development stores cannot process sales (or else folks would just use development stores, and wouldn't have to ever pay monthly fees). Any development store can be instantly turned into a regular paid store, by selecting a monthly Shopify plan.

I normally prefer to start on a fresh store, but if you would really like me to work off of an existing store, then I can do that.

After your store is launched, if you have any questions about how things work, where to find specific settings, want recommendations on apps or best practices -- then you can reach out to me (via email) and I'll help you, for the length of your support period, at no additional charge.

Yes, I work with clients from around the world.

Yes, building Shopify websites is how I make the bulk of my income. 

I live and work out of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.

I am regularly available from 12PM to 8PM (Pacific Time), Monday - Friday, minus all Canadian statutory holidays.

Sometimes, I do. It kind of depends on the holiday, or if I have any plans for the weekend. If you'd like to launch your new store on a weekend, then I can accommodate that request (you just need to let me know ahead of time).

Shopify does have 24/7 live support channels, where you can speak to an actual Shopify employee, if something is going wrong with your store. It's very rare though, that anything can go wrong with a store. Unless you've deleted something vital, or have been hacked, then your store can't really break down on itself.

No, you do not need to show either of these at the bottom of your site. By default, I will add the "Designed by SW" text to the bottom of each site I do. You're welcome to request that either (or both) of these to be removed though.

No, you don't have to leave a review. With that said, reviews are my livelihood. Without reviews, I do not get ranked in the Shopify Experts search results, and thus, don't get any leads for future projects. I need reviews, in order to continue to get leads from Shopify, so I would strongly encourage and ask for you to consider leaving a review at the end of the project.

No, your site does not have to be featured on the homepage of Stephen's World. You can ask to be removed from my homepage at any time. However, it's worth noting that it's mutually beneficial to have your site on my homepage, as it allows me to show off my work to prospective clients, and it provides you with a valuable backlink (which can help your SEO).

No, I am technically a freelancer, so I am my own boss. However, Shopify does provide me with leads for projects, based on my past setup and migration history. I rely almost exclusively on the Shopify Experts leads system for finding clients/work.

For stores that I create from scratch, Shopify does pay me a percentage of their monthly fees, for up to 3 years. Aside from that, no, Shopify does not pay me a salary or retainer for being a Shopify Expert.

I do not have an official discount or commission system for referrals. However, I am open to this, especially if you think you can refer more than one person. Please reach out to me via email, to discuss possible commissions and discounts for referrals.

No, I do not make any kind of kickback or commission from any of the apps or themes that I recommend.

Testimonials 763

My complete collection of reviews from past clients and merchants. From my time in the Shopify call center, to small tasks, complete store setups, & ecommerce platform migrations. Find out what others had to say!

  • smile July 19, 2024
    Stephen provided exceptional support for our Shopify store. He improved our site’s functionality and user experience by setting up essential apps, enhancing navigation, and customizing product pages. His attention to detail and expertise made a significant difference. Highly recommended!

  • smile June 04, 2024
    Fast, professional, and affordable.

  • smile May 17, 2024
    Stephen was so excellent to work with. He was very quick to respond and provided detailed explanations so our team could easily comprehend and have the knowledge to make updates moving forward. He also provided very thoughtful recommendations. I will for sure be working with Stephen again the future. Do not hesitate to reach to him for all your Shopify needs.

  • smile May 08, 2024
    Stephen was awesome to work with! He was very responsive and informative in all his emails. He even sent us custom step by step videos to walk us through the process. Before we hired on Stephen our website was so frustrating to work with but now its exactly the way we want it and easier than ever. We are very happy with our experience and will recommend Stephen to anyone who is looking for website help!

  • smile April 29, 2024
    Stephen is wonderful to work with. He understood what I need and exceeded all my expectations. Then he patiently walked me through every step of how to use my new website. Hiring Stephen is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

  • smile March 29, 2024
    Stephen is my #1 resource for website updates and questions. What I value most is how quickly he responds to emails and how thoroughly he answers questions (he's even made videos to show me how to do something on the site!) I appreciate his suggestions for improvement, his support in helping me become independent with adjustments, and his ability to understand decisions from my perspective. It's reassuring to know that Stephen is there if things get too technical or I want to implement changes in my business. Highest recommendation!

  • smile March 27, 2024
    I had a great experience working with Stephen to setup our site for B2B. He gave us exactly what I requested but went the extra mile and made suggestions on optimization none of the last 3 Shopify experts had noticed. I’m currently setting up our next project with Stephen and am happy we finally found someone who’s a true expert and who truly cares. Very highly recommended!

  • smile March 24, 2024
    Stephen exceeded expectations. It was immediately evident that he was a Shopify expert. He is accessible and easy to work with. Quick, knowledgeable and efficient describes him best. Will continue to use his services in the future.

  • smile March 14, 2024
    Finding Stephens World has been really great for us. We have through the process of working with Stephen become quite independent with SHOPIFY. Stephen has been responsive, detailed and offered a great deal of knowledge that has made everything we set out to do come to life. Thank you Stephen we will use you again!

  • smile February 23, 2024
    Stephen consistently exceeds expectations. This marks my third project with Stephen's World. Despite the need for a rushed launch, he managed to accomplish everything on my checklist and then some. I couldn't be more satisfied!

  • smile February 08, 2024
    Stephen was quick to reply, easy to communicate with and so efficient. Very happy to have found his service.

  • smile January 25, 2024
    Stephen was exceptional from beginning to end. The communication and turnaround time were unparalleled. I would certainly collaborate with him again.

  • smile October 31, 2023
    Our experience with Stephen's World launching our WishGifts charity gifts was nothing short of exceptional. He not only delivered a visually appealing website but also consistently went above and beyond to exceed our expectations. His unwavering support throughout the launch phase was invaluable, ensuring a smooth and successful transition. We couldn't be happier with the results!

  • smile October 18, 2023
    Working with Stephen was a dream! Communication was super clear and concise. He offered suggestions and resources for items that were out of scope, and everything was completed within the timeframe we agreed upon. I highly recommend Stephen for a store build. We will use Stephen's World again in the future.

  • smile September 16, 2023
    I had an amazing experience working with Stephen. He was easy to communicate with, completed the work quickly and provided great recommendations. I would definitely work with him again. Thank you, Stephen.

  • smile September 13, 2023
    Made changing themes quick and easy. Gave very good instruction on the changes and how to modify the theme to best fit our needs. Made lots of video instructions to make the conversion easy.

  • smile August 18, 2023
    Stephen provided good and honest guidance. Would use again

  • smile August 10, 2023
    I recently had the pleasure of working with a fantastic developer who updated my Shopify theme. He was incredibly responsive, thorough, and an excellent communicator throughout the entire process. Not only did he complete the update quickly, but he also allowed me to make edits to ensure everything was exactly how I wanted it. Overall, I couldn't be happier with the experience and highly recommend this developer to anyone looking for a top-notch Shopify expert. Thanks again for your help!

  • smile July 31, 2023
    Excellent Service, would highly recommend and would absolutely use again if the need arise in the future.

  • smile July 20, 2023
    The decision to hire an expert was extremely beneficial for our business. It was important to work with a Canadian expert who understood our local requirements and needs. Stephen is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, patient and fast... and just pleasant to work with.

  • smile July 14, 2023
    Stephen is fantastic to work with. He revamped our site beautifully exactly how we asked, his communication was always fast and clear, and he gave his professional advice when needed. We love how everything turned out and highly recommend Stephen's World! Thank you, Stephen!

  • smile June 26, 2023
    It's been an absolute pleasure working with Stephan! He's hands-on and very enterprising.

  • smile June 08, 2023
    Working with Stephen was a delight. He exceeded my expectations on every aspect of the project with exceptional communication skills, fast turn around and willingness to go the extra mile to problem solve and implement effective solutions. I highly recommend working with Stephen for your Shopify project.

  • smile May 31, 2023
    Stephen is outstanding. Great guy to work with. Does an excellent job, makes proactive recommendations, solves problems, and responds to all questions quickly. He is neat, and organized, and does a great technical job with Shopify, he knows it inside out. One of the best decisions we have made with our business was to hire Stephen. We would strongly recommend anyone who needs help building a Shopify store use Stephen. We will work with him in the future for sure.

  • smile May 29, 2023
    Stephen provided an accurate design after I provided basic feedback. Changes were made quickly, and communication was prompt throughout the project. He provided recommendations for improvements and app add-ons to make the website better.

  • smile February 28, 2023
    Not sure I'll be able to convey in words just how Amazing the experience was with Stephen, he exceeded my expectations and then some. First off my project was NOT easy, we have 2 sites: 1 Canadian and 1 US site with VERY similar parts on both but VERY different needs for each site. We must have about 20 emails back and forth before he even sent me an invoice as he wanted to fully understand my projects, my needs AND my expectations. As a business owner I know why he did this, he wanted to make sure that our expectations are aligned so there are no misunderstandings at projects end, not everyone does this. I had my ideas of how I wanted the design and being the business owner I obviously know a LOT more than the person I hired to help me right? WRONG. Stephen did exactly what I needed him to do; he intellectually challenged my design ideas, although I didn't like it at first he gave me solutions that I was able to both understand and visualize. That takes courage and confidence, this is what I needed as if I really knew better I wouldn't have needed him in the 1st place. Please have confidence that when you select Stephen you will not be disappointed in the work, his level of communication and his commitment to your business. I know who I will be turning to anytime I have needs for any future Shopify sites, thanks Stephen...AMAZING work!!

  • smile October 21, 2022
    It was a GREAT experience working with Stephen on our e-commerce store migration. Despite my reservation about his "no live phone/virtua contact" policy, the process was smooth and execution was on point and faster than I was expecting! Stephen is an excellent written communicator and his clear and concise questions/responses kept the process moving on a daily basis. He made several great recommendations and completely understands e-commerce sites. I also felt like he was generally interested and invested in the success of the website and our business. I highly recommend Stephen's World if you like effective communication and flawless and timely execution.

  • smile August 24, 2022
    Thank you Stephen for your help with my project! I know you had a very short notice, but you did deliver on time! Professionalism, Communications, Delivery Dates. I will definitely use Stephen's services in a near future again. Serge.

  • smile June 23, 2022
    Very easy to communicate with, great understanding of solution required and was willing to walk the extra mile. He was very patient with all of the changes and the final outcome looks great! Definitely recommended.

  • smile May 18, 2022
    S-T-E-P-H-E-N!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW - I absolutely LOVE the website! The colors are perfect, I love you used the font for Pacabella for the heading, love how you added the photos in, the BIG pic of the alpaca with the info on the left is awesome and the website looks soooo good on a mobile device - you did an outstanding job - it's EXACTLY what I was looking for!! This project was a migration from Volusion to Shopify. It included help with migrating all pages, products, customers, orders, collections, and blogs. Stephen also helped with app recommendations and setup, as well as with learning how to use the Shopify platform. I would give Stephen 10 stars if it was possible!

  • smile April 13, 2022
    Stephen made this migrating process to Shopify incredibly easy. I couldn’t be more happy with his communication and attention to detail. His detailed response to any questions I had was awesome. I couldn’t be more happy with our new website and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Stephen’s World.

  • smile April 06, 2022
    Im really glad we found Stephen on the list of Experts. We felt better having a local (Canada) expert that understands the taxes, shipping, bilingual and other special needs for our new webstore. As a small business, changing platforms after 8 years can sound daunting (time consuming, learning curve and expensive). Having Stephen assist us with this project from A to Z was worth the price. We could focus on what we do best , knowing that Stephen is 100% dedicated to the task. What I really appreciate about Stephen, is that he answers questions in complete sentences, complete details, and links. Although the project has terminated, Stephen still answers my last few questions. I highly recommend!

  • smile January 16, 2022
    Would give him 10 out 10 if I could! Excellent, prompt communications, knows exactly what he's doing and if not he would help you to find answers. I have very high standards and Stephen has definitely showed his expertise and is worth the investment. I enjoyed working with him and will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Thank you Stephen!

  • smile January 15, 2022
    When we decided to upgrade our robust and busy site to Shopify, choosing Stephen to do the work proved to be a sound decision. Stephen is a pleasure to work with. He answered questions promptly and to my schedule, was on point with advice and managed the migration of our site seamlessly. Highly recommend.

  • smile October 06, 2021
    Working with Stephen was overall a very positive experience and I would highly recommend his services. His communication is top notch! Definitely one of his best qualities while completing a large project that involve technical details I know little about. I am very happy with his redesign recommendations and happy with the overall look and functionality of my new website. 5 stars from us at I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again in the future. Thanks for everything Stephen!

  • smile September 28, 2021
    Stephen was excellent all the way around. My only issue was wanting to be able to speak on the phone with him if needed as he is email only but he did respond promptly to emails.

  • smile September 24, 2021
    From our initial email with Stephen to explore the feasibility of the work, it was clear that Stephen possessed the experience and knowledge to deliver our project. Stephen was a thorough and tidy communicator which is critical for any development project wherein a certain degree of autonomy is required. We appreciated the speed with which Stephen got to work and have been thrilled by the support since launch.

  • smile September 20, 2021
    Working with Stephen's World has been a rewarding experience. We needed someone who understood Shopify's platform, that grasped our overall concept and had the ability to work through the process of making it a reality. Combining artistic aptitude, technical knowledge and prompt communications, he was able to successfully transfer our company's "feel" into the finished website. If you have a Shopify website idea, and are looking for help in bringing that idea to life, we'd recommend Stephen's World for the job.

  • smile September 19, 2021
    Stephen was excellent in his communication every step of the way. I am used to phone communication, but being only through email he did a great job in quick replies and organized emails for tasks needed and goals completed. His pricing was more than fair and I appreciated his help throughout. He really made the process easy. I would highly recommend!

  • smile September 15, 2021
    Stephen did an amazing job for us helping us to migrate from our wordpress site to shopify, not only that but he built the new site which looks great and had it up and running in no time at all. Stephen also helps with anything you are unsure of and will even give you some advice on anything he can help with, even after the project is finished. I strongly recommend Stephen for anything you need and the 5 stars are truly well earned.

  • smile August 06, 2021
    Excellent service as always - clear instructions and prompt attention to detail. Thanks Stephen

  • smile August 06, 2021
    Great service - great communication - can't fault Stephen's professional attitude to his work. Thanks for your help

  • smile July 29, 2021
    Problem solved! Stephen does an excellent job. Thank you once again for your help - prompt and efficient!

  • smile July 15, 2021
    Stephen earns and exceeds his many 5-star reviews. The modern elegance of the websites in his portfolio were my reason for hiring him. Working with him raises the bar on what to expect in a professional experience, actually surprising me with the quality of every aspect his work and our collaboration. His communication is prompt and thorough, the guidance and solutions he offers are clear and effective, his attention to detail and ability to adapt design to the store's mission are impressive, and his patience for answering questions was deeply appreciated. His understanding of the many decisions facing the store owner in building a website kept me feeling supported and organized throughout. Working with Stephen is just plain awesome and so is the website he built for me. I can't thank him enough.

  • smile July 04, 2021
    Best money I've ever spent. I was a little reluctant to hire a Shopify expert site unseen but after researching online and reading a ton of reviews, I settled on Stephen's World and I'm glad I did. Stephen is very responsive, does quality work, and knows his stuff. He made some great suggestions and recommendations as to which apps might work to best support my business and what I was trying to accomplish with my new website. I can't tell you how much time I saved partnering with Stephen. If you're on the fence, just hit the button, hire Stephen and don't look back.

  • smile June 05, 2021
    Loved working with Stephen! He makes it look easy, and takes extra time to show you as well. I felt my shop was in very good hands.

  • smile May 26, 2021
    Great to work with! Highly recommend!

  • smile May 24, 2021
    I needed a lot of help setting up the store and with all the details. Stephen made it look easy, was quick, very responsive to all of my endless questions, and never lost patience with my lack of knowledge. If you need help with your site, I would highly recommend!

  • smile May 13, 2021
    Quick response time, great job, I really recommend! Kept deadlines and guided us through the project great!

  • smile April 21, 2021
    Great communication, super helpful and willing to help.

  • smile April 16, 2021
    Stephen was a dream to work with! His pricing was reasonable and his response time great. He went above and beyond answering questions for me outside of the scope of work. I would not hesitate to use him again for future projects or recommend him to others. Thank you, Stephen!

  • smile February 16, 2021
    I engaged Stephen to migrate my website from WIX to Shopify. The work was done far quicker than I anticipated and once the job was finished, I have had absolutely no issues or problems with my new website - everything was migrated over perfectly! Communication with Stephen (even from the other side of the world) has been excellent. He explains things in detail - but very clearly and is very prompt in getting back to me with my queries. Can't recommend him highly enough! Thank you Stephen for all your assistance.

  • smile February 08, 2021
    Very good experience with Stephen. Good communication and provided clear feedback as we migrated and developed my Shopify store.

  • smile February 07, 2021
    Excellent service! Helpful as always - thanks Stephen

  • smile February 03, 2021
    Good communication. Good explanation to my queries. Very happy with service

  • smile January 28, 2021
    Fantastic service. Stephen made a stressful and expensive task as easy as it could be and he continues to follow up and help us even though the tasks we had agreed upon originally have been completed. The website looks great :-) Highly recommended if you need some help with your Shopify store!

  • smile January 27, 2021
    I enjoyed working with Stephen to upgrade our website. He was very professional, stuck to his word and followed through on everything we discussed during our planning phase of the project. Creating or updating a website is a big investment, but rest are in good hands with Stephen's World!

  • smile November 09, 2020
    Incredibly helpful and awesome as always! :-)

  • smile November 02, 2020
    Stephen did a great job with our project. We migrated from Volusion to Shopify, and had a lot of specific product/inventory setup which took a lot of time to do, but Stephen was here to take care of it for us. He also has great communication from start to end.

  • smile November 02, 2020
    I want to say thank you for the site, and all your help. It is greatly appreciated it, and it was an absolute pleasure to work with you on this project.

  • smile October 19, 2020
    5 star all the way!!!! Whenever I needed help, Stephen always responded in a timely manner. The migration from Magento to Shopify went smoothly with Stephen's help. Highly recommend if you are looking to switch or start up Shopify.

  • smile October 06, 2020
    Stephen has been great to work with. He migrated us over to Shopify from Magento 1.9, which was desperately needed. He has troubleshooted any issues that have come up with poise and professionalism. We highly recommend him, and look forward to working with Stephen in the future!

  • smile May 09, 2020
    Stephen was hired to migrate an old store and help build the new store and what a great hire it was. From the initial contact until the job was done it was a true pleasure to work with Stephen on this project. Super flexible to work with and a good sense of humour. His explanations of things I did not understand were simple, to the point and easy to understand. I cannot say enough good things about Stephen's work but I have found Rage's IT guy. I look forward to working with Stephen on further projects!!! RAGE

  • smile May 09, 2020
    Stephen was quick, helpful and very knowledgable. Highly recommend.

  • smile February 09, 2020
    GREAT JOB! EXTREMELY PLEASED WITH MY NEW STORE! Stephen's knowledge, expertise, and great communication skills made the transition of my newly redesigned online store a very smooth one. I've gone through a half dozen cart upgrades in the past and none were even close to the quality of the Shopify website I now have. I highly recommend Stephen and will definitely use him again for any website work I may need in the future.

  • smile November 11, 2019
    Stephen welcomed our unique requests and not only completed the work, but made it better than we could have expected! Stephen is a great communicator who listens well. He's super knowledgeable with great resources in his back pocket. Whenever I had a question, he would either know the answer or research until he found it. I highly recommend Stephen in all things web development.

  • smile November 11, 2019
    I found stephen on the shopify experts page, and I could not have been luckier! He is a great communicator, prompt and an expert with all shopify related items. I actually made an error on my end by importing products wrong, and he was able to recover the lost images and restore after much work...i have already referred one of my colleagues to him and would do more in a heartbeat!

  • smile July 10, 2019
    Thorough. Prompt. Informative. Stephen has lots of knowledge regarding, not only Shopify, but it's affiliate apps too. He promptly responds with thorough information, advice, and details in an organized manner. We appreciate Stephen's help and will definitely seek his advice again.

  • smile July 10, 2019
    Asked for someone's advice to see how my new website was coming along and Stephen walked me through the changes that needed to be fixed. Quick replies and great advice!

  • smile May 28, 2019
    We are very happy with the expertise and promptness that was provided by Stephen. Highly recommend this company.

  • smile March 01, 2019
    Excellent support always from Stephen!

  • smile January 31, 2019
    Stephen was outstanding both with the quality of his work and also how quickly it was done. Look no further for your Shopify guru!

  • smile January 31, 2019
    Always helpful, polite, fast and does amazing work. Thank you so much. Will use again.

  • smile January 21, 2019
    We had an excellent experience working with Stephen. He migrated our existing Wordpress site to Shopify, including many years of content, as well as doing redirects. He kept the feel of the site very similar to our previous one (our request) while bringing a fresh new look. Above all else though, his communication was fantastic - every question we had was answered in detail even before we placed our order, and we always knew the status of the project. We would highly recommend Stephen and will use him again ourselves as needed.

  • smile January 11, 2019
    Stephen's services are Incredible.He is very patient and understanding with clients.He has amazing recommendations and very very knowledgeable about his work.He set up my whole store and provided details,explanations and steps.I am highly impressed,will use his services and definitely recommend.Excellent Job Stephen.

  • smile January 11, 2019
    When I saw your email I was sooo excited, happy, overwhelmed. You have done a Terrific job. Your patience, understanding towards your clients is unmatched. Your Recommendations are high quality. You know your thing. I would definitely use your services and recommend them. Amazing Job, in short of words.

  • smile January 11, 2019
    Immediate response by Stephen who solved the issue.

  • smile November 06, 2018
    Stephen is very knowledgeable and takes extra time to make sure all your questions and requests are answered. He's very helpful with anything the customer needs.

  • smile October 24, 2018
    Stephen is able to answer my questions in a timely fashion and provides above and beyond great service. I would not have been able to launch my store without his help and expertise. Thank you Stephen and Shopify

  • smile October 08, 2018
    Stephen is very experienced and friendly. He is very helpful to establish our Shopify store.

  • smile September 28, 2018
    Stephen B has always been up front and honest - This is why we still work with him and hope he will continue to work for us - Tim @ Rocky Mountain Pet Food co

  • smile September 25, 2018
    I would be lost without your help

  • smile August 24, 2018
    Stephen is the best web designer I have ever worked with. He always offers follow-up help and is just packed full of knowledge. There’s nothing too small or too large that he does not have an answer for. He is definitely my go to person for any problems regarding my website or new applications. Whatever it is he knows it. I strongly recommend using him for your web design. A very happy customer!

  • smile August 16, 2018
    Always Great help!!!

  • smile August 11, 2018
    Really great guy to chat with 10/10

  • smile August 08, 2018
    Excellent. Stephen was very helpful and knowledgeable.

  • smile August 02, 2018
    Great advice. Thank you for all your wonderful help. :)

  • smile July 16, 2018
    Stephen, thank you for your efforts so far, and for the detailed update. Thank you too for the extra work you put into the navigation menu, we really appreciate it!

  • smile July 15, 2018
    Stephen is exceptional with his work and customer service. I would highly recommend him to other Shopify owners :)

  • smile June 25, 2018
    Super fast response time.

  • smile June 08, 2018
    Thank You So Much for Helping Me Stephen to get my Website Working Good!!

  • smile June 07, 2018
    Stephen was super efficient and friendly. He was able to accommodate all of our requests even though the requests were challenging. Stephen delivered his work really quickly and on time. He is very responsive on email and you will never have to wait long to get a reply from him. The website turned out really well, I highly recommend Stephen!

  • smile June 07, 2018
    Stephen was amazing with the issue I was having with my theme. He responded quickly to my question and concern and resolved the problem just as timely. If I need any additional help with my store, I'll be reaching out to Stephen asap.

  • smile June 04, 2018
    Thank you, Steve!

  • smile May 18, 2018
    At first I didn’t no what to expect working with a Shopify expert. When I had decided to work with Stephen everything went smooth, he was there to direct me through the whole process making it simple to put my store together. Thank you.

  • smile May 16, 2018
    I appreciate the support, Stephen helped me put my store together and we will do future business together.

  • smile May 16, 2018
    Always excellent!

  • smile May 03, 2018
    Thank you so much, Stephen. Everything looks great and was set up immediately. I wasn't expecting for you to complete the domain setup so fast. I highly recommend Stephen's World. I will definitely use again. 5 stars! :-)

  • smile May 02, 2018
    Stephen is a fantastic web designer and what is wonderful about what his service is he goes beyond what is called for to give you the best possible service you could get. I love the website he did for me and all the support he offers after words. Not many people would do that in today’s world. This speaks volumes about the quality of his work and his ethics. If you have not tried Stephen then you are missing out. He will do a great job for you.

  • smile April 12, 2018
    Stephens world was not only addressed our task quickly but with excellent communication. I would highly recommend them!

  • smile April 11, 2018
    It was such an amazing experience working with Stephen! He is super nice and efficient at what he does. I initially gave Stephen a month to work on my website but he managed to complete everything exactly the way I wanted in less than 2 days. He is great to communicate with as he answers his emails fast. The entire process for me was such a smooth one. I wouldn't hesitate recommending Stephen to all of you!

  • smile April 11, 2018
    As always Stephen gives excellent service in a timely manner. He knows what he’s talking about with anything to do with web sites and the search engines.

  • smile April 10, 2018
    I found the services provided highly reliable and greatly appreciate your help and efficiency to assist me with my issue the same day! I recommend anyone to try or ask for general know-how if seeking answers like or related to mine, Thanks again!

  • smile March 31, 2018
    Stephen is top notch in web design and in support for your website long after you have completed it. His work is always the best and you’ll never be disappointed.

  • smile March 31, 2018
    Stephen always provides support and in emergency situations he acts quickly and efficiently. He is very loyal to his clients and that’s a rare thing in today’s world.

  • smile March 19, 2018
    Quick service!

  • smile March 19, 2018
    Thanks for building me such an incredible website! I guess it`s hard to say but could I get a sale in a month or two when I follow through and start the blogging next month. Thank you.

  • smile March 19, 2018
    Stephen made my website out to be a very nice website. He took the time and make it very user friendly. Thank You So Much, Stephen.

  • smile January 25, 2018
    Great Support, Thanks Sterphen!!

  • smile January 23, 2018
    Prompt and helpful!

  • smile January 23, 2018
    I would like to thank Stephen for the Support I have Received. Thank You!

  • smile January 15, 2018
    Always great support

  • smile January 10, 2018
    Stephen's encyclopedic knowledge of all things Shopify never ceases to amaze me. Always timely, thorough and friendly with his responses. Thank you again Stephen!

  • smile January 10, 2018
    Thank you so much for your advice and expertise! I'm sure I'll be back soon :)

  • smile December 15, 2017
    Very helpful including if I have any more Questions? Thank You, Brett Nickerson

  • smile December 14, 2017
    Stephen went beyond the call of duty not only with the implementation and explanations of the exact fixes and updates he was doing to my site but also in suggesting ways I could improve my site's speed and flow for free. He has been extremely helpful in teaching me and guiding me through this and his customer service and follow up is top notch. You can immediately tell that Stephen is passionate about helping his clients. He is patient, thorough, and only charges you for the work you actually need. I am/was very comfortable asking for help and giving him access to my site. I highly, highly recommend SW if you need any help optimizing your Shopify site and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be sending him more business in the future. Thank you again Stephen. You are the man!

  • smile December 12, 2017
    Excellent! :)

  • smile December 01, 2017
    While we never got to the bottom of the customers problem, Stephen provided a workaround that allowed our customer to make his purchase.

  • smile November 24, 2017
    always the best

  • smile November 23, 2017
    Stephen goes above and beyond when providing insightful support for our Shopify store. I highly recommend his services to anyone setting up their first Shopify store or scaling to something larger. His depth and breadth of knowledge related to Shopify are beyond helpful! Thank you again Stephen!

  • smile October 19, 2017
    Great service and response time

  • smile October 04, 2017
    Fantastic and informative and taken the good advice given

  • smile October 02, 2017
    Very pleased! Stephen did a Review of my site and I will be following up to have him help me implement most of his suggestions! Fast, efficient, personable. Very good support.

  • smile October 02, 2017
    Very detailed in explaining - Highly recommended.

  • smile September 30, 2017
    My online store needs to show any prices according to German law. This means an extra section showing a net price incl. 19% tax was required. Stephen managed to make this work in no time (less than 24 hrs) and he also added a custom-coded currency switcher. Because of his outstanding work, I was able to get rid of two app-subscriptions that saved me at least $15 USD per month. An excellent expert with a professional and highly professional approach. I will definetly come back, if I need his help again! Many, many thanks! Andreas from

  • smile September 16, 2017
    I requested some help on a page design/function issue. Despite the fact that it was not something he could help us to resolve, Stephen went above and beyond a polite send off. He communicated back and forth several times. Explained the nature of the problem in great detail. He also gave suggestions for places to get a fix. We will definitely keep him in mind with our next design work.

  • smile September 12, 2017
    Great service yet again!

  • smile September 12, 2017
    Very quick and professional. Transferred my Weebly store, pevious orders and customer history along with all of my products. Offered sound advice on how to gain better SEO. Would highly recommend.

  • smile August 28, 2017
    Stephen is always timely with his helpful advice! His thorough instructions also teach me how to be self-functioning in Shopify. Three cheers for Stephen!

  • smile August 28, 2017
    wonderful support

  • smile August 09, 2017
    The support and outcome for the job was outstanding as usual.

  • smile July 31, 2017
    As usual - a job well done. Thanks

  • smile July 31, 2017
    Excellent service!

  • smile July 31, 2017
    Always prompt and helpful! Thank you Stephen, I always appreciate you assisting and following up with instructions so I can learn new things!

  • smile July 29, 2017
    Stephen is incredibly talented. My site is more functional than ever and looks as professional as you could ever ask. Could not be happier!

  • smile July 29, 2017
    Fantastic Service! Had some custom coding sorted in no time! Would gladly use Stephen's World again!

  • smile July 13, 2017
    Stephen is a blast to work with. He understood my needs from the outset and made my vision a reality. In addition to his vast amount of web design knowledge, Stephen also has great suggestions with respect to the operational side of the business. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Stephen for future work and I look forward to working with him as my business grows.

  • smile July 13, 2017
    Stephen was awesome. He answered my questions and went above and beyond in my consultation fee that I paid. Very well worth it and help me get over the hurdle that I was facing. I ultimately did not use Shopify but that is only because of limitations I had on a different platform. But if I were to use it I would absolutely hire Stephen for his expertise. He's the best!

  • smile July 13, 2017
    Stephen did a very good job designing our new website and web store. Very pleased with look, feel and functionality.

  • smile July 08, 2017
    Stephen is the man! He's my go to for everything. Even if he doesn't have an expertise in it, he can direct me to who does. - Fully transparent - On time - Over delivers No one better.

  • smile June 28, 2017
    The service and commitment was outstanding and the end result is stunning. Stephen was on hand all of the time to provide answers and advice to any question I put forward. From what was initially a mediocre and non-responsive website I ended up with a brilliant looking professional site which is fully responsive and fast to load. I would totally recommend the services to anyone who needs advice and help on their website.

  • smile June 15, 2017
    I had Stephen at Stephen's World take a look at my site for an evaluation. He helped me immensely by identifying a number of issues with my new site. He offered suggestions on how to remedy the issues in a timely and easy to understand manner. He kept a clear line of communication and responded to my every question. I will definately be using his services again.

  • smile June 08, 2017
    You are always supportive and helpful. You search 4 answers when you don't know a question and I really appreciate you're helping me after you finish the website. Not many companies would do this. That's what makes your service exceptional. Thank you, Cherokee Billie

  • smile June 01, 2017
    Excellent response time, efficient and extremely professional. Stephen has by far exuded my expectations. We have been in search of a designer we believe would be able to design our website with our mission and layout in mind while taking certain things into consideration. We are actually looking forward to working with him.

  • smile May 17, 2017
    Stephen is a wealth of knowledge!

  • smile May 17, 2017
    Stephen is extremely prompt, thorough, and professional.

  • smile May 10, 2017
    Stephen has been more than helpful. Easy to communicate with. Very knowledgeable.

  • smile May 09, 2017
    If you want top quality and detailed work then Stephen is the guy to do your website. I am a perfectionist and Stephen met every one of my requests and fulfilled them gladly. Not many people can work with me because of my perfectionism and this man was able to do so with great patience and kindness. I can’t begin to tell you how many people have come to me already after one day and expressed how much they liked my website. Everything works quickly and smoothly. I do not think you can find a better web designer then Stephen. If you don’t believe me check out my website and you’ll see what I’m saying is true. His pricing is so reasonable for all that he does. I’ve had other web designers want double the cost and they could not have delivered the quality website that he did. As you can tell I am his number one fan. So if you’re looking for the best, Stephen is it! Kind regards, Cherokee Billie

  • smile May 06, 2017
    I utilized the expertise of Stephen to help create an online store for my company. He was very professional and direct from start to finish making each task simple for me to understand and complete. The work he did on the store exceeded my expectations immensely. Best of all now that the store is complete he will still allow himself to be a point of contact if any issues are encountered in the operation of the store. I would recommend his services confidently to anyone seeking to open an online store but may not have the knowledge capacity or time to do so.

  • smile May 04, 2017
    I am very pleased to provide this testimonial in gratitude for the wonderful tech support and Website design provided by Stephen’s World! Stephen helped with the re-design, setup, & installation of my website. Stephen’s knowledge, ability, and technical support, are second to none in my opinion! I am more than impressed with Stephen’s work, and would highly recommend him to those looking for any website services. Good job Stephen! Keep up the good work and I will be sure to use your services again!

  • smile May 03, 2017
    I went to Stephen in desperate need of a new updated site as my old one was not getting any conversions, the site that he created for me is amazing and really asthetically pleasing. He was really helpful and I will recommend him to anyone that is looking to build a store or any site at all, thank you again and I will be needing you in the near future :blush::blush: 150% satisfied

  • smile May 01, 2017
    Stephen got my website up and going for me. His knowledge and quick response time made everything so easy! He gave detailed and easy to follow instructions. I would definitely use him for other websites I might need done in the future and recommend him to others.

  • smile April 04, 2017
    Knowledgeable, friendly guru.

  • smile April 04, 2017
    SO GOOD!

  • smile April 03, 2017
    Stephen B helped me find the reason why my code fix was not working... Just take out the brackets. :)

  • smile April 03, 2017
    Simply answered, with links. Thanks

  • smile April 01, 2017
    Helpful info and polite!

  • smile April 01, 2017
    Stephenwas extremely quick, professional, and helped me out!

  • smile April 01, 2017
    Stephen, a very calm, affordable guy who sounded like he was from California, answered and right away made me feel less anxious and frustrated with his disarming voice and demeanor. We made light of the conversation while he did his best to help rectify my two concerns. He was able to quickly resolve the issues and continued to listen as I reviewed my concerns and the steps we took; just to make sure that we had covered everything properly. I was very satisfied.

  • smile April 01, 2017
    He was very helpful and easy to deal with

  • smile April 01, 2017
    Amazing service! Figure out all my problems!

  • smile March 31, 2017
    Fast problem solving, great knowledge of product, and friendly!

  • smile March 30, 2017
    Stephenwas very knowledgeable and friendly. I had a very good experience. I am new to this, so he took his time and answered all of the questions I had. He did not make me feel rushed.

  • smile March 29, 2017
    Stephen helped me tremendously with my new "partner" program questions as well as my soon to be launched 2nd store.

  • smile March 26, 2017
    Stephen went above and beyond what was required to help me with my issue.

  • smile March 23, 2017
    Stephen was extremely patient & accommodating. In addition, I hit him with a slew of random questions, and I got off the phone feeling like I had solid answers to everything I asked. That was possibly the best experience I've ever had with a Support phone call, ever. I didn't feel rushed, and I have the answers I needed. Thanks Stephen!

  • smile March 23, 2017
    Stephen went out of his way to solve my issues and provided valuable advice. Also made sure I knew I could follow up with him if I had any questions. Great job!

  • smile March 23, 2017
    Stephen was such a wonderful help to me tonight. He had new insights to share with me and guide me about applications. I felt that this was an extremely knowledgeable man and that I was lucky he was my Guru tonight. I learned a great deal and am grateful for his guidance.

  • smile March 22, 2017
    Steve was so helpful, and fixed what I needed super fast

  • smile March 21, 2017
    I will be working with him from now on, he should get a raise and if he is not treated right he should be. I appreciate this guy and if you all do not want him, I will hire him. Best Regards, he is the best.

  • smile March 20, 2017
    Friendly helpful service

  • smile March 20, 2017
    Stephen was helpful and got me the answers I needed..

  • smile March 18, 2017

  • smile March 18, 2017
    I received an awesome support and help from Stephen. He is very knowledgeable and kind. He went above and behind the norm to fix my issues. Thank you and appreciate all your help and support.

  • smile March 15, 2017
    Stephen B. was awesome! Thank you very much for speedy, considerate and friendly support!

  • smile March 15, 2017
    Very supportive even though it take a couple hours to assist me.

  • smile March 15, 2017
    Stephen totally understood my question and was most helpful without making me feel computer illiterate!

  • smile March 15, 2017
    My question was answered and the issue was resolved.

  • smile March 15, 2017
    Excellent experience per usual and the follow up email and help is always appreciated.

  • smile March 11, 2017
    Thank you for all your help! :)

  • smile March 09, 2017
    It was excellent thanks

  • smile March 09, 2017
    Very much Thank you sir!!

  • smile March 08, 2017
    Stephen was so knowledgeable and pleasant.

  • smile March 07, 2017
    Stephen knows his stuff! He was great with his customer service but also very well versed with the product. He provided a very handy work-around that he said he's had to use on his own personal website. Thanks Stephen!

  • smile March 06, 2017
    Clear & informative answer to my question

  • smile March 05, 2017
    I spoke to Steven and he was great and handled my needs.

  • smile March 05, 2017
    Stephen helped me change a few settings I hadn't thought of and offered some great feedback

  • smile March 04, 2017
    Good thanks for help

  • smile March 03, 2017
    It can be pot luck as to how competent "Gurus" are but Stephen has really been of great help tonight

  • smile March 03, 2017
    He helped me out a lot thanks a lot :) :)

  • smile March 02, 2017
    Very helpful as always - thank you!

  • smile March 01, 2017
    Stephen was great. Quick, friendly and had my issue resolved within immediately.

  • smile February 28, 2017
    Stephen did a great job, I am so happy

  • smile February 28, 2017
    Stephen answered my questions thoroughly and succinctly. Great customer service!

  • smile February 27, 2017
    Steven was informative, friendly, professional and answered all of my questions.

  • smile February 27, 2017
    Stephen was quick to respond, helpful and cheerful

  • smile February 27, 2017
    Stephen was attentive and is willing to help

  • smile February 27, 2017
    Fast and efficient

  • smile February 26, 2017
    Fast and clear support!

  • smile February 26, 2017
    Stephen was quick to answer, gave me the answer I needed and didn't seem to mind that I asked the same question several times!

  • smile February 26, 2017
    Stephen was incredibly helpful and led me to download at least 3-5 apps for my store this weekend. I love talking with people who are doing similar side projects. Thanks

  • smile February 25, 2017
    Friendly prompt response, and whilst unable to help with my immediate problem, provided helpful alternatives and areas to look at researching.

  • smile February 24, 2017
    He was very helpful

  • smile February 24, 2017
    Very friendly and helpful! Excellent!

  • smile February 24, 2017
    Quick response.

  • smile February 22, 2017
    Very helpful even though I was terrible at explaining the issues I was having, he got it. thanks

  • smile February 21, 2017
    He's awesome

  • smile February 21, 2017
    I received the right information and the chat was fast

  • smile February 18, 2017
    Stephen was very helpful

  • smile February 17, 2017
    Immediate resolution to my issue... so awesome that I don't have to call in to Shopify to have my problems taken care of...

  • smile February 14, 2017
    Live Chat always saves the day! Thanks!!

  • smile February 13, 2017
    He was AWSOME to speak too Thank you

  • smile February 13, 2017
    Stephen understood my question immediately, produced a straight answer, and explained a possible alternative approach. Thanks!

  • smile February 13, 2017
    I was on hold for only a few seconds and my issue was explained and resolved extremely efficiently.

  • smile February 13, 2017
    Very helpful, kind and knowledgeable. Followed up even

  • smile February 12, 2017
    Superb!! Stephen didn't have to help me with a 2nd hand-app, but he helped us anyways, and it worked perfect. A++++++!!!!!

  • smile February 11, 2017
    Thank you so much. So happy I spoke with someone who knew his stuff. I had been bewildered for days. You saved me!

  • smile February 11, 2017
    Chat guru was very helpful.

  • smile February 10, 2017
    Very helpful

  • smile February 07, 2017
    Stephen was friendly, polite, knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions. Thank you!

  • smile February 06, 2017
    Very satisfied with response.

  • smile February 05, 2017
    Quick and right on target

  • smile February 05, 2017
    Fast and great!

  • smile February 05, 2017
    So lucky to have Stephen. Really, it is so wonderful to get to speak to such an expert. He was SO helpful and insightful. Thanks!

  • smile February 05, 2017
    Fantastic follow through with clients!!! He is a keeper!

  • smile February 03, 2017
    Guru was very knowledgeable!

  • smile February 03, 2017
    Was able to answer my questions and polite too.

  • smile February 03, 2017
    So helpful solved my issue!

  • smile February 01, 2017
    Kind guy and helped me straight to the point ! I'm glad I chose Shopify !!

  • smile February 01, 2017
    Stephenwas patient, nice, knowledgeable and super helpful

  • smile January 31, 2017
    A lot of Patience this guy has !!!!!! Great Service!

  • smile January 29, 2017
    Swift response and exactly gave me what I was looking for moreover suggestion and follow-up are the best part. Good work!

  • smile January 29, 2017
    He answered all my questions and things I needed

  • smile January 29, 2017
    Really quick and insightful help

  • smile January 26, 2017
    Stephen was an excellent help and very easy to talk to he is a credit!

  • smile January 26, 2017

  • smile January 25, 2017
    Quick responsive and genuinely helpful Thank you

  • smile January 22, 2017
    Fast response, good information, all very helpful

  • smile January 21, 2017
    Quick and friendly

  • smile January 20, 2017
    Shopify is cool it makes integrating Shopify for Facebook so easy.

  • smile January 18, 2017
    Very knowledgeable team... awesome support

  • smile January 18, 2017
    Thank you very much for your help!! Easy step by step guidance. Great service!

  • smile January 18, 2017
    Great follow through!

  • smile January 17, 2017
    Great! Thanks!

  • smile January 17, 2017
    Stephen was amazingly helpful! I threw a few tough questions at him, and he answered everything quickly and clearly. He was super-friendly and courteous. Excellent!!

  • smile January 17, 2017
    Honestly, so knowledgeable! The wisdom helped me loads and gave feedback how to make my store be more appealing which I need as just started up. Helped me buy a domain name and sort everything out with my plan. Is always great to speak to someone who has their own store and he oases great tips onto myself. Going to recommend the website to many friends who own business which are not online!

  • smile January 15, 2017
    Stephen went above and beyond to make sure all my questions were answered and even help with questions that were technically not related to Shopify. He was patient and I did not feel rushed at all. Great customer service, helpful and very friendly. The site is easy to use as well!

  • smile January 14, 2017
    At first this seemed like a typical support ticket where the "Guru" says it can't be done, however Stephen went out of his way to find a solution to the problem I had. He trialed the solution himself to make sure it was going to work.

  • smile January 14, 2017
    Great help and friendly caring service.

  • smile January 14, 2017
    Great info very helpful. he helped me understand how shopify works with the printful app.

  • smile January 14, 2017
    Quick reply to my inquiry.

  • smile January 13, 2017
    The guru was efficient and helpful. Got straight to the problem and sorted it immediately. Very refreshing to speak to someone who knows what they are doing with out all the sales crap!

  • smile January 13, 2017
    Very helpful and gave me exactly what I wanted right away. Tx Stephen!

  • smile January 12, 2017
    Stephen B was very quick, friendly and professional. Really appreciate his excellent help and support system.

  • smile January 11, 2017
    Very helpful and patient :)

  • smile January 09, 2017
    Stephen was very helpful, answered all my questions and was extremely pleasant :)

  • smile January 09, 2017
    Excellent job, Stephen. I have three companies, I'm setting up on Shopify, and now I really have more confidence.

  • smile January 07, 2017
    Friendly and quick with responses! Amazing service!

  • smile January 07, 2017
    Quick to reply and friendly

  • smile January 07, 2017
    Stephen was incredibly helpful and solved a problem for me that I had spent too much time on myself before realizing I could contact support about it. He gave me a couple of ways to deal with the issue and explained it al very clearly. Thanks so much! :)

  • smile January 07, 2017
    Very helpful! Provided MORE info than I asked for.

  • smile January 06, 2017
    Lovely guy! Helped me out and explained everything straight to the point

  • smile January 06, 2017
    Stephen was amazing and helped me figure out and fix the problems I had with my site.

  • smile January 06, 2017
    Stephen was a great help, and really helped solve a major problem i was having

  • smile January 06, 2017
    Stephen was extremely helpful and knowledgeable!

  • smile January 05, 2017
    Stephen you rock !!!!

  • smile January 04, 2017
    We solved an important and so far undetected DNS problem! Thanks

  • smile January 03, 2017
    Fast responses, quick solution found to the problem.

  • smile January 03, 2017
    StephenROCKS so hard!

  • smile January 02, 2017
    Thought I have experienced the best guru help ever, and then Stephen - WOW!!! Everyone is exceptional I have worked with, but Stephen took the cake! Thank you Stephen!!!!

  • smile January 02, 2017
    Knowledgeable and fast assistance.

  • smile January 02, 2017
    Stephen was great!

  • smile January 01, 2017
    Amazing customer service.

  • smile January 01, 2017
    Prompt and helpful

  • smile December 31, 2016
    Stephen was very happy- full of very good advice- and nice to chat with

  • smile December 31, 2016
    Stephen is one of the best support people ever, really at any company. He understood the issue, quickly resolved it, and answered a long list of other questions. Seriously, an asset to your company. If we ever grow large enough to require a support team, I will try to poach him from your company, he is that good. Thank you!

  • smile December 31, 2016
    Excellent and very helpful and knowledgeable!

  • smile December 29, 2016
    Helped me troubleshoot a navigation problem!

  • smile December 28, 2016
    Steven is a definite guru very helpful

  • smile December 26, 2016
    My experience was GREAT! STEPHEN went above and beyond helping me in regards to a issue I had for over a week! He not only solved my problem but he walked me through the process! He showed great customer service skills and had a great, kind & humble attitude! I truly appreciated him!

  • smile December 26, 2016
    Fast and quick response.

  • smile December 25, 2016
    I am truly impressed with Stephen. Even though my question was outside of the scope of his official training (which is where the chat session would have ended with SO many others), he tried to help. You have a great team member there.

  • smile December 24, 2016
    This guy knew everything and was fast. Give him a raise.

  • smile December 24, 2016
    So friendly and helpful!

  • smile December 24, 2016
    There isn't enough words to describe this outstanding customer experience. He was awesome, detail oriented, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and patient person. This one is top of the notch!! Thanks

  • smile December 23, 2016
    Great guy

  • smile December 22, 2016
    Stephen was incredibly helpful and went above and beyond what was needed!

  • smile December 22, 2016
    Stephen solved my problem completely :)

  • smile December 21, 2016
    He introduced me to a Shopify feature that I need for three months.

  • smile December 21, 2016
    Extended support and secured assistance with myself in order to continue using Shopify as a solution

  • smile December 18, 2016
    Stephen is a gem.

  • smile December 18, 2016
    Steve is awesome!!!

  • smile December 17, 2016
    Super helpful! Shared the info I needed.

  • smile December 15, 2016
    Very fast and reliable! I got the help and information that I needed :) 10/10 support

  • smile December 15, 2016
    Fast and helpful!

  • smile December 14, 2016
    Patient, knowledgeable, helpful

  • smile December 13, 2016
    Efficient and fast and friendly service.

  • smile December 12, 2016
    Outstanding support from Stephen! I contacted Stephen after having a frustrating Chat support experience where something was really lost in translation. Stephen not only quickly resolved the shipping issue I was trying to resolve, but also shared so much more helpful information by anticipating some of the things I might try next.. Really outstanding resource and a very nice person :-) So appreciated!

  • smile December 11, 2016
    Very helpful and informed.

  • smile December 10, 2016
    It was efficient and timely

  • smile December 10, 2016
    So fast, to the point & made it easy.

  • smile December 08, 2016
    No wait time and Stephen was very friendly and helpful.

  • smile December 08, 2016
    Yes, Stephen was soooo helpful!!! I really appreciate that! He gave me hope for my website and some answers to questions which I was needing to hear. Highly recommend him! and...he even followed up with me! That is truly amazing. I can tell he wants me to be successful! How good is this??

  • smile December 08, 2016
    Guru Stephen ROCKED!!! He was so friendly and so helpful. He got my domain name working and my new store is up and running just the way I wanted. He knew exactly what needed to be done to fix my problems. YAY!

  • smile December 07, 2016
    Stephen was very helpful and accommodating. Excellent service!

  • smile December 06, 2016
    Very helpful!

  • smile December 05, 2016
    Felt very supported in questions I asked and how to proceed. Very pleased with the help.

  • smile December 04, 2016
    Stephen was great, very helpful, thank you!

  • smile December 03, 2016
    Stephen IS a Guru!

  • smile December 02, 2016
    Stephen was Very competent and helpful!!

  • smile December 02, 2016
    He was very understanding, gave great advice, and followed up immediately after just like he promised.

  • smile December 02, 2016
    Very knowledgeable!!!! He was able to answer all my questions!

  • smile December 02, 2016
    Very Helpful!!!

  • smile December 01, 2016
    Stephen provided exceptional customer service and actually listened to what my problem was before offering me a stale response. He is a good problem solver. Thank you.

  • smile December 01, 2016
    Very friendly and helpful :)

  • smile November 30, 2016
    Great support and very easy to deal with issue

  • smile November 29, 2016
    Stephen was very knowledgeable and helpful.

  • smile November 29, 2016
    Great support thanks!

  • smile November 28, 2016
    Very friendly

  • smile November 28, 2016
    Problem solved!

  • smile November 28, 2016
    Stephan was fantastic, I contacted multiple support agents and finally found a domain guru who worked out our issue with our domain. Thanks so much again for your assistance!

  • smile November 28, 2016
    Nice job. Seamless and polite. Thank you

  • smile November 27, 2016
    Quick and easy

  • smile November 27, 2016
    Steve was great he was very patient and listen to everything that I had to say very friendly and very kind would love to pack this guy up and bring him to my store!! I hope I have the opportunity to talk to him again!

  • smile November 27, 2016
    Great Rep! (Stephen B) had their act together totally and knew all the answers to the Q's and issues I was having during my site set up: Payments, Banking etc. Been online for since 1995, that was some of the best and most efficient chat support I have ever had, seriously. Seemed unreal how it went so smoothly lol. Thanks, glad I came to Shopify to expand my eComm business!

  • smile November 27, 2016
    Stephen was awesome!!! Very knowledgeable and patient in supporting my questions on platform. He was very easy to work with and very understanding. Appreciate it so much.

  • smile November 27, 2016
    He was patient and helped me with Oberlo. All of my questions were answered and my issues resolved. Thanks Stephen!

  • smile November 25, 2016
    Super helpful and patient!!! :-) :-)

  • smile November 25, 2016
    He was able to answer my questions and inform me regarding Shopify e- commerce business. I am considering it....

  • smile November 24, 2016
    Stephen was great help thanks

  • smile November 21, 2016
    Thank you so much!

  • smile November 16, 2016
    Excellent customer service. Helped me with Shopify platform and saving me money on transactions and set up time through the payment gateway. Very happy.

  • smile November 15, 2016
    Stephen was EXTREMELY helpful and Knowledgable!

  • smile November 15, 2016
    He was able to solve all my problems. Stephen is extremely smart!!!

  • smile November 13, 2016
    Answered my question by providing great instructions

  • smile November 12, 2016
    Polite individual helped me out, he was very understanding & explained exactly what I needed help with and got the task done.

  • smile November 12, 2016
    Thanks for the help, it's going to take me a little while to get it all switched.

  • smile November 11, 2016
    Stephen answered all of my questions. He even walked me through the necessary steps.

  • smile November 09, 2016
    He was awesome and very helpful!!!

  • smile November 09, 2016
    Stephen was absolutely wonderful! Very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you...

  • smile November 08, 2016
    Excellent. Put my mind at rest and helped me through the issues, after a nasty intruder to the website from Fiverr.

  • smile November 05, 2016
    I got my questions answered

  • smile November 05, 2016
    Patient. Gave sound advice (even if not what I wanted to hear like the need to consider some paid apps). Overall very knowledgeable and can also draw on his own personal experience and design skills that helped when providing advice re my options.

  • smile November 05, 2016
    Awesome support

  • smile November 04, 2016
    Great person!!!

  • smile November 04, 2016
    Thank you. Stephen has been quite helpful to me today and in the past.

  • smile November 04, 2016
    Solved the problem instantly! Amazing Service!

  • smile November 04, 2016
    Stephen was extremely helpful and was able to resolve my issue immediately. Also he pointed out a few other ways to optimize the product.

  • smile November 03, 2016
    Very helpful, thanks.

  • smile November 03, 2016
    He was very clear and helpful in answering my questions and discussing my concerns.

  • smile November 03, 2016
    Steven B. was patient and concise in his assistance with me. As he answered one question, I would realize that I had more...he never wavered in his friendliness or his knowledge. I would prefer to continue working with Steven B. as it would make an easier transition if issues arise in the future. Thank you Steven.

  • smile November 02, 2016
    Stephen answered my question super fast

  • smile November 02, 2016
    I got the information I needed and the case resoloved.

  • smile November 01, 2016
    Thank you, Stephen

  • smile November 01, 2016
    Great instruction/feedback as always

  • smile October 30, 2016
    Great Job

  • smile October 28, 2016
    Stephen was absolutely professional and helpful through out the chat. I am more than happy.

  • smile October 28, 2016
    Great Job!

  • smile October 27, 2016
    Steve was fantastic. As usual I got quick answers. Steve was able to address several questions about several different aspects of Shopify. He's a gem. Thank you again for the great service.

  • smile October 27, 2016
    Friendly Stephen & solved problem

  • smile October 27, 2016

  • smile October 26, 2016
    Quick response and helpful feedback!

  • smile October 26, 2016
    Very helpful and to the point...

  • smile October 25, 2016
    Great service as usual ! Fast too. Answer to my needs 100%

  • smile October 25, 2016
    Friendly and effective

  • smile October 24, 2016
    Stephen B responded really quickly and completely utterly helped me with my query. Mad stress gone within 2 minutes. THANK YOU!

  • smile October 23, 2016
    Stephen provided a quick solution offered valauable tips.

  • smile October 23, 2016
    Thank you Stephen! You're awesome!

  • smile October 23, 2016
    Great help! Gave me multiple solutions, couldn't have asked for more

  • smile October 23, 2016
    Once we solved the 2 immediate issues. I was then able to ask lots of questions about all sorts of little things I was not sure of. Thanks for your help

  • smile October 22, 2016
    Answered by question quickly and clearly.

  • smile October 22, 2016
    Stephen was very knowledgeable and helpful. He helped me find solutions to my issue, and other ideas as well. Thank you.

  • smile October 22, 2016
    Stephen is an excellent representative and resolved my problem very quickly. I am very thankful!

  • smile October 21, 2016
    Steve was helpful & enlightened us to several features of which we were not aware, especially the App Store. Thanks Steve.

  • smile October 21, 2016
    Not only did Stephan answer my questions he helped with new app ideas

  • smile October 19, 2016
    Good job

  • smile October 18, 2016
    Thank you, Stephen. This was by far the fastest and most professional service I received so far.

  • smile October 18, 2016
    Knowledgeable and courteous.

  • smile October 17, 2016
    Stephen was SUPER helpful. I really appreciated his time and effort.

  • smile October 17, 2016
    Stephen was the best "Guru" we've experienced. He understood my question and request and was able to help solve the issue quickly and effectively.

  • smile October 16, 2016
    Stephen solved my problem quickly and perfectly. It took 5 minutes. Stephen gets 10 out of 10.

  • smile October 16, 2016
    Great help!

  • smile October 16, 2016
    Fantastic support from Stephen

  • smile October 15, 2016
    Great talk with Stephen. Thanks for helping me out Very polite

  • smile October 13, 2016
    Stephen kindly and quickly answered all my questions

  • smile October 13, 2016
    Stephen is AWESOME! THANK YOU!!! :)

  • smile October 13, 2016
    Excellent job with 6 stars :)

  • smile October 13, 2016
    Great one!

  • smile October 11, 2016
    Stephen was extremely helpful especially with my lack of knowledge. He answered all the questions I asked without making me feel stupid. Thank you

  • smile October 10, 2016
    Knowledgable and helpful

  • smile October 10, 2016
    Stephen was awesome, 10/10

  • smile October 10, 2016
    Stephen B answered my 3 questions quickly and efficiently.

  • smile October 09, 2016
    This guy deserves a raise! His customer service is the reason why I work with Shopify. To help my business grow. He's the man!

  • smile October 07, 2016
    Customer service was fantastic and very helpful :)

  • smile October 06, 2016

  • smile October 04, 2016
    One of the smartest people on live chat

  • smile October 04, 2016
    He was very helpful, very fast

  • smile October 04, 2016
    Has perfect knowledge of Shopify platform. Good Service!

  • smile October 04, 2016
    Stephen was very knowledgeable and very pleasant. Definitely an asset to your organization.

  • smile October 02, 2016
    Stephen was very helpful. Sorry I did not get to say good night and thank you very much.

  • smile September 30, 2016
    Thank you for your help really appreciate your one stop shopping

  • smile September 30, 2016
    Fantastic customer service and after sales experience

  • smile September 27, 2016
    Quick to the point response and the guru told me what I wanted to hear:)

  • smile September 27, 2016
    Great work Stephen

  • smile September 26, 2016
    Stephen was extremely helpful, gave a lot of detail in his response, and made sure I was satisfied with the information before closing the chat. Great support!

  • smile September 25, 2016

  • smile September 25, 2016
    Thanks for your support

  • smile September 25, 2016
    Stephen was extra helpful and went above and beyond to answer my questions!

  • smile September 23, 2016
    Really helpful, as always. I love the fact that you email a transcript of the conversation, too, so i can look back at what we've chatted about. x

  • smile September 23, 2016
    Quick and answered all questions with extra info

  • smile September 22, 2016
    Stephen was super helpful. Truly better than most people - he was quick with his responses and made great use of screen shots to help me find my way. Thank you!

  • smile September 21, 2016
    My main man Stephen. Helped me out a bunch. I love it and I love him. Thank you. :))

  • smile September 21, 2016
    He helped me with various problems and explained them in detail.

  • smile September 20, 2016
    He was just wonderful - thank you SO MUCH!

  • smile September 20, 2016
    Friendly, fast, effective

  • smile September 19, 2016
    Thanks for the help!

  • smile September 19, 2016
    Stephen is very helpful and answered all my questions

  • smile September 19, 2016
    Stephen B, was so helpful, patient and a pleasure to speak with. He helped me with several questions and also answered all of them or gave them to the experts and got them answered. He also followed up with me with the results and pretty much got everything done. Keep doing your thang Stephen, you did an awesome job!!

  • smile September 17, 2016
    Stephen B was very helpful and patient. I had some trouble understanding how the billing would be sorted if I downgraded my account and he was willing to explain it to me several times and was obviously interested in solving problems. Great service!

  • smile September 16, 2016
    Guru was knowledgeable, courteous and very helpful in resolving the issue quickly.

  • smile September 14, 2016
    Stephen was very helpful and prompt with his replies, issue was fixed in no time

  • smile September 13, 2016
    Because I got the answer I needed right away, and it was so simple!

  • smile September 13, 2016
    Very helpful and fast response

  • smile September 12, 2016

  • smile September 12, 2016
    He was patient and helped me figure the problem out

  • smile September 11, 2016
    So happy to add that my questions are always answered, it's a pleasure! Thanks Stephen!

  • smile September 10, 2016
    Great Customer Service. THANKS

  • smile September 10, 2016
    Stephen was very prompt with answers and gave great details and displayed in depth knowledge. He provided me with direct links so I can see the information directly. Thanks Stephen!

  • smile September 09, 2016
    Answered everything well

  • smile September 08, 2016
    Thank you!

  • smile September 08, 2016
    Very helpful, thank you!

  • smile September 08, 2016
    Answered all my questions and was very patient. Gave information on products and made sure he answered my questions.

  • smile September 05, 2016
    Very good and excellent support

  • smile September 05, 2016
    My "Guru" was awesome!

  • smile September 04, 2016
    Help me a ton! Thank you very much for such great work

  • smile September 04, 2016
    I had all my questions answered in a way that I could understand what I needed to do.

  • smile September 04, 2016

  • smile September 03, 2016
    Quick help!

  • smile September 03, 2016
    Stephen B. immediately understood what my issue was and helped me promptly. Perfect online chat support experience.

  • smile September 02, 2016
    Handled the situation very well and was great at doing it thanks Stephan!

  • smile September 01, 2016
    Quick response time and had the answer to my question. Great service.

  • smile September 01, 2016
    Thanks for helping me understand...thanx

  • smile September 01, 2016
    My experience was great because the guru was patient, professional, and informative! I'm very excited!

  • smile September 01, 2016
    It was a bit of a wait till I got connected but It was great. Quick and easy solution. He knows what he's doing.

  • smile August 31, 2016
    Very fast and helpful.

  • smile August 30, 2016
    Nice and helpful.

  • smile August 28, 2016
    Stephan was able to provide me with detailed answers. responses could have been quicker, but overall great service

  • smile August 28, 2016
    Again very informative, great customer service and awesome timing on responding back to me

  • smile August 28, 2016
    Provided a solution straight-away. Perfect!

  • smile August 27, 2016
    Great Customer Service!

  • smile August 27, 2016
    Solved the problem fast.

  • smile August 26, 2016
    Stephen B gave me clear, concise info and was of amazing help today! 5/5!

  • smile August 26, 2016
    Excellent technical support and warm manners

  • smile August 25, 2016
    Stephen made a video instruction for me?it is very helpful?tks

  • smile August 24, 2016
    He's always great :)

  • smile August 23, 2016
    My issue was solved

  • smile August 23, 2016
    Stephen was extremely helpful. It was nice to know that if I replied to the chat log he would respond if I had more questions. Excellent service!

  • smile August 22, 2016
    Excellent and to the point!

  • smile August 22, 2016
    Stephan was awesome! Every customer service experience should be that good!

  • smile August 22, 2016
    Stephen was friendly, patient, and helpful. Answered all my questions quickly and thoroughly.

  • smile August 21, 2016
    Stephen B answered all of my questions accordingly. Very good and fast support from him.

  • smile August 20, 2016
    The best customer services on the planet - Thanks - YOU ROCK!

  • smile August 19, 2016
    Solve my problem, thank you, Stephen

  • smile August 19, 2016
    Stephen is great!

  • smile August 19, 2016
    Answered all questions timely and in detail

  • smile August 18, 2016
    Problem resolved & Stephen kept me updated with time frame to resolve along the way.. Eg I'll go and check give me a couple of minutes.. I love Shopify on every level, Stephen just adds to it ??

  • smile August 18, 2016
    You da man bro!

  • smile August 18, 2016
    My questions were answered and needs were met. Excellent customer service.

  • smile August 18, 2016
    Thank you for your help

  • smile August 18, 2016
    My problem was fixed easily

  • smile August 17, 2016
    Stephen is so knowledgeable and so polite! I love you guys!

  • smile August 17, 2016
    Made the extra effort to stay on the chat while I altered my settings.

  • smile August 16, 2016
    Very good

  • smile August 16, 2016
    Steven B provided the most detailed support !!! Absolutely amazing and knowledgeable person! Thank you so much!!!

  • smile August 16, 2016
    He was very helpful! Thank you

  • smile August 14, 2016
    My experience was awesome!! Stephen was fast and really knowledgeable. EXCELLENT!!!

  • smile August 13, 2016
    Quick and easy!

  • smile August 13, 2016
    The chat started very quickly and my question was answered very quickly with a positive result.

  • smile August 13, 2016
    Perfect! Wish all supports were like that!

  • smile August 13, 2016
    Excellent service great customer service.

  • smile August 13, 2016
    Stephen helped me figure out my problems in a few minutes after spending hours trying to research and figure it out on my own. Took so much stress off of me and glad I went to you! Going to use it every time I have a question instead of taking hours to come up empty. Thank you Stephen again!!

  • smile August 12, 2016
    All questions answered

  • smile August 11, 2016
    Excellent service

  • smile August 11, 2016
    Stephen is faster than a leopard, smart and professional

  • smile August 10, 2016
    Stephen was a big help and even though I bombarded him with question after question he stayed very professional and helpful. It is always such a delight receiving such great service. Thank you.

  • smile August 09, 2016
    Excellent experience, truly is a Guru. Steven really knows the product in and out. When I told him what I was looking for, he immediately knew the theme and the apps to also integrate. Thanks.

  • smile August 08, 2016
    He was great!

  • smile August 08, 2016
    Best experience - thanks a million :)

  • smile August 07, 2016
    Wonderful customer support. Great "Guru!"

  • smile August 06, 2016
    The tech support Steven was really helpful and patient in trying to understand my complicated situation. Thank you for the great customer service!!!

  • smile August 06, 2016
    Stephen was AWESOME!! He was super patient and helped me with all of the questions I had. What I liked best is he provided screenshots and tons of resources to help me through the process. Keep up the awesome work.

  • smile August 05, 2016
    Thanks for the help

  • smile August 04, 2016
    Fantastic support experience

  • smile August 04, 2016
    Answered my questions turned 3hr job into 1hr

  • smile August 02, 2016
    It was fast and professional! Thanks a lot!

  • smile August 02, 2016
    Stephen saved me time.

  • smile August 02, 2016
    Stephen B was sooooo patient even though I totally confused him and myself! He solved my problem and really persevered so we could make it work. Very very happy with the service from Stephen B :D :D :D

  • smile August 01, 2016
    Stephen B was great. He answered all my questions, his answers were prompt

  • smile July 28, 2016
    Stephen was nice to chat with and super helpful!

  • smile July 28, 2016
    They actually replied fast and knew what they were doing and how to go about doing it. Great job

  • smile July 27, 2016
    The best consultant ever =)

  • smile July 26, 2016
    You guys are the best!!!! Fast, accurate and responsive Thanks so much - way ahead of all the other eCommerce sites!!!!

  • smile July 25, 2016
    I was helped and given the best customer service ever! All of my questions were answered precisely and in a timely manner. Stephen was very patient and aware of Shopify's tools that will allow me to run my site efficiently.

  • smile July 23, 2016
    Perfect! Helped resolve my issue quickly.

  • smile July 23, 2016
    Stephen was very courteous and very accommodating. He was able to assist me so that I will be able to complete my Shopify online store. I am anxious to go online and try out my new website. We already have some customers who want to purchase products from our online store. It just takes time to get all our products on line and get set up properly with the descriptions and pricing and all. Again, I want to thank Stephen for helping me to do that.

  • smile July 22, 2016
    My experience was great because it was quick and all of my questions were answered. I was also provided with a link on further instructions on how to change shipping prices. Thank you!

  • smile July 22, 2016
    Great experience with Stephen. Helped me very much with my questions.

  • smile July 22, 2016
    He was respectful and demonstrated great customer service

  • smile July 22, 2016
    Excellent customer service.

  • smile July 21, 2016
    Support was helpful and friendly!

  • smile July 21, 2016
    Stephen is awesome with his quick responses. Very friendly.

  • smile July 21, 2016
    Wonderful and helpful! Very satisfied.

  • smile July 19, 2016
    Stephen was great and very helpful. He answered all of our questions with ease. He is very knowledgeable. Thank you.

  • smile July 18, 2016
    Stephen was very helpful and professional.

  • smile July 17, 2016

  • smile July 17, 2016
    Quick solution!

  • smile July 16, 2016
    Stephen was very helpful again tonight. I feel that he is a God's sent. He goes out of his way to help resolve the problems I was having with my site. A 10+ He is very knowledgeable

  • smile July 16, 2016
    Stephen was very pleasant to talk to and was very helpful. Thank Stephen for your support.

  • smile July 16, 2016
    I appreciate the detailed answer and advice on where to find a solution to my issue.

  • smile July 13, 2016
    Very helpful and knowledgable. Went the extra step to modify changes that I wasn't able to.

  • smile July 13, 2016
    Excellent. Stephen was resourceful with the information he gave me. A 10+

  • smile July 13, 2016
    Stephen was very helpful and answered all my questions.

  • smile July 11, 2016
    Resolved my issue quickly in a friendly manner! :)

  • smile July 10, 2016
    Awesome, super friendy and most helpful!!

  • smile July 10, 2016
    He was excellent!

  • smile July 09, 2016
    Of the patience and professionalism that was offered.

  • smile July 08, 2016
    You professionally informed me I would not get charged $71.00 that showed on upcoming invoice.

  • smile July 08, 2016
    Easy and fast

  • smile July 08, 2016
    Support was very helpful, friendly and answered all of my questions.

  • smile July 07, 2016
    The speed and knowledge took the cake

  • smile July 06, 2016
    Quick and very useful

  • smile July 02, 2016
    Stephen B was a great representative that I had the pleasure to be assisted by. He was delightful,helpful and very professional. Wish all companies had someone like him to help their customers.

  • smile July 02, 2016
    .... well I guess the fact that the person that answered was not like a robot and he did answer the questions fully, in simple terms and he had the confidence and know-how of what he was talking about!! Well Done!!

  • smile June 30, 2016
    I appreciate your time, patience and friendly energy. I wish every customer service chat went this smoothly.

  • smile June 24, 2016
    Stephen quickly steered me in the right direction. Thanks!!!

  • smile June 24, 2016
    Stephen B is a great person and has helped me a lot. Very supportive. Thanks.

  • smile June 24, 2016
    Super knowledgeable!! I have asked questions that other experts might not be able to answer.. I have dealt with many experts over the past for 3 different Shopify stores and Stephen is by far the best!! He will be our go-to guru now, so glad we bumped into him :))))))

  • smile June 24, 2016
    Stephen is so helpful! Thanks Stephen!

  • smile June 23, 2016
    I felt that they were very patient while addressing my issue.

  • smile June 22, 2016
    Fast, friendly service!

  • smile June 21, 2016
    Very helpful rep, with a good inventory management suggestion. Five stars all the way!

  • smile June 20, 2016
    Stephen quickly addressed my concerns.

  • smile June 19, 2016
    Stephen was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with my domain issues as well as website templates! He saved me a ton of time and made this very simple. Thank you so very much!

  • smile June 19, 2016
    Steven went above and beyond to help me get our store purchasing experience flowing the way I wanted. Excellent Service!!!

  • smile June 19, 2016
    Fast friendly knowledgable. Didn't waste my time

  • smile June 18, 2016
    Very good. thanks.

  • smile June 18, 2016
    Really helpful and informative. Another great support experience. Well done

  • smile June 18, 2016
    Nice to have great service!!!

  • smile June 14, 2016
    Awesome thanks

  • smile June 14, 2016
    Stephen was very patient and very helpful

  • smile June 12, 2016
    Very helpful and quick

  • smile June 11, 2016
    Steven is awesome!!!! He clarified to us on so many areas we struggled with (we were given wrong advice by previous customer support!). Very friendly and patient, the best support experience so far. Keep up the good work! Thank you so much Steven!!!

  • smile June 11, 2016
    Stephen was one of the most helpful reps I have talked with yet. He reviewed my entire site with me and helped me make some final adjustments before publishing in a few days. It gave me good confidence that the website is ready to go!

  • smile June 09, 2016
    Awesome!! Super helpful ad friendly !! :)

  • smile June 09, 2016
    Great "Guru"

  • smile June 08, 2016
    Steve was awesome!

  • smile June 05, 2016
    I needed to make a change to my domain. Stephen knew exactly what I wanted and provided step by step info to assist me.

  • smile June 05, 2016
    Stephen was super awesome and helpful and friendly. Plus, patient. GIVE THEM A RAISE.

  • smile June 04, 2016
    Thanks Steve! Appreciate the chat!

  • smile June 04, 2016
    Stephen was very quick to respond and had the answer to me in a second! Great work!

  • smile June 03, 2016
    Fast and accurate response. Just what I needed.

  • smile June 03, 2016
    Absolutely fantastic, very helpful and knowledgeable. I am very pleased with my decision to use shopify

  • smile June 03, 2016
    Professional, knowledgeable, brought clarity to my concerns in launching my store. Thank You Shopify! :)

  • smile June 01, 2016
    He knew everything there was to know about everything !!!

  • smile June 01, 2016
    Simply...friendly, knowledgeable people.

  • smile June 01, 2016
    As first impressions go, I hope every chat I make is handled as quickly, professionally, and with the "talking to a friend who cares" feeling as my chat with Stephen B was! He not only made me feel that I'm a valued customer, but he nearly instantly solved my problem with a smile and positive attitude I could feel through the chat! Hire a hundred more like him!

  • smile June 01, 2016
    Good chat

  • smile June 01, 2016
    He solved my problem by pointing what I was doing wrong and this is great customer service. The attitude was good towards talking to a rookie.

  • smile May 30, 2016
    Thanks Stephen. Amazing service!

  • smile May 29, 2016
    Stephen was helpful and prompt to answer questions.

  • smile May 29, 2016
    Very helpful and personable.

  • smile May 29, 2016
    Thanks so much! I had a question about where to enter the shipping information for my shop. My question was answered promptly & Stephen made it super easy for me to enter my shipping information by creating a page for me. Awesome support!

  • smile May 28, 2016
    Stephen, Thanks for your quick help to keep everything running smoothly.

  • smile May 28, 2016
    Very professional, helpful, and quick. Solved my issue in just a couple minutes.

  • smile May 28, 2016
    Well what can I say?? I think that was the best customer service experience I have ever had! Stephen knows his stuff, which makes this whole process so much easier, he made me feel comfortable to ask him anything, and he took the time to go through everything with me step by step. I was very very happy, he taught me a lot today. Thanks Stephen...

  • smile May 28, 2016
    Unbelievable actually- super fast- and super helpful above and beyond- very impressed

  • smile May 28, 2016
    My issue was resolved!!

  • smile May 27, 2016
    You can tell he understood the Shopify platform inside out. He was able to correct my concern easily and quickly

  • smile May 26, 2016
    Same. Fast, accurate. You guys rock. Seriously!

  • smile May 26, 2016
    Dont have time to tell you why it was great. Need to go to play some video games.

  • smile May 24, 2016
    Great customer service, provided me with the help I needed.

  • smile May 22, 2016
    He was right on the money perfect to deal with thank you

  • smile May 22, 2016
    My customer service experience was excellent. Very smooth and informative. Stephen was very knowledgeable and had the answers to all of my questions along with other helpful advice

  • smile May 21, 2016
    He speaks great English, is very knowledgeable, and extremely capable and willing to help.

  • smile May 20, 2016
    Fast friendly and efficient. :-)

  • smile May 20, 2016
    Stephen had the info I needed and was able to provide documentation to solve my problem.

  • smile May 20, 2016
    Stephen is amazing. Very informative, and willing to go the extra mile to follow up on future inquiries. Thanks!!!

  • smile May 17, 2016
    I`ve got help with all questions I had from Stephen B. It was very good experience. Thank you!

  • smile May 15, 2016
    Fantastic guru! Stephen was great!

  • smile May 14, 2016
    It was great!

  • smile May 13, 2016
    Simplewords for foreigner to understand

  • smile May 13, 2016
    He was patient while I got my CC account details straightened out. That way the problem was solved.

  • smile May 12, 2016
    He was awesome! I was freaking out because I blacklisted my IP address on accident because I couldn't figure out how to create an order through admin {AND charge the tax}

  • smile May 11, 2016
    Stephenwas extremely helpful and solved my problem very quickly!

  • smile May 11, 2016
    The best service, top 10

  • smile May 10, 2016
    Please acknowledge my gratitude toward Stephen B, for professionalism, excellence, & surpassing expectation.

  • smile May 08, 2016
    I got my problem solved.

  • smile May 07, 2016

  • smile May 05, 2016
    Stephen has been able to help with every inquiry and been really quick to respond

  • smile May 05, 2016
    Stephen was very friendly, patient and eager to assist. He answered all questions and concerns that I had. Thank you

  • smile May 03, 2016
    Stephen you can be a teacher. You made me understand this thing pretty easily thanks :)

  • smile May 02, 2016
    Knew exactly what I wanted to do.

  • smile May 02, 2016
    Excellent experience. He knew what he was doing and was very patient throughout the entire chat log. He is even willing to help me on future follow up regarding the same issue.

  • smile May 02, 2016
    Quick reply to my question along with additional info about other solutions

  • smile May 02, 2016
    It was Stephen who handled it

  • smile April 30, 2016
    Problem solved :)

  • smile April 30, 2016
    Stephen was very knowledgeable, and he stepped me through the process of finding the appropriate template for my store's needs quickly and easily. THANKS!

  • smile April 29, 2016
    Steven B. was incredibly patient and helpful! I couldn't believe he stayed on with me so long and helped me set up my site. People like Steven, really push the store forward.

  • smile April 29, 2016
    Great customer service!!

  • smile April 28, 2016
    They're very prompt and curtious. Fixed the issue ASAP and replied back on email quickly.

  • smile April 28, 2016
    Stephen was friendly, professional, and attentive. He helped me troubleshoot some possible issues I was having with the customer pricing app and it looks like it's something on their end.

  • smile April 27, 2016
    Thank you Stephen B!

  • smile April 27, 2016
    Awesome support by Stephen without a doubt. Thanks a lot!

  • smile April 26, 2016
    Thank you for taking the time to reach out and make personalized recommendations. Much appreciated!

  • smile April 26, 2016
    Great service!

  • smile April 25, 2016
    Stephen was incredibly helpful and assisted us wonderfully in a customization on our Shopify site. Many Thanks! :)

  • smile April 23, 2016
    All my problems got solved in a quick and efficient manor.

  • smile April 22, 2016
    Great explaination!!

  • smile April 22, 2016
    Extremely attentive, very nice "Guru" and professional, make me feel confident and secure that my online website will always run with no hassle or complications!

  • smile April 22, 2016
    Very knowledgable and clear

  • smile April 21, 2016
    Thank you for clearing up my payment issue. I didn't realize there were 2 accounts set up for payments.

  • smile April 20, 2016
    Problem solved quickly, very helpful!

  • smile April 16, 2016
    He helped me figure what I needed to know! thanks!

  • smile April 15, 2016
    An amazing individual who has so much patience and he is so polite that it gives me confidence to ask him more doubts. keep it up!

  • smile April 14, 2016
    He was very helpful and didn't make me feel under informed!!!!

  • smile April 14, 2016
    It was great, because Stephen was thorough and quickly resolved.

  • smile April 13, 2016
    Quick and to the point.

  • smile April 13, 2016
    It was great and very helpful

  • smile April 11, 2016
    Helpful and easy to talk with.

  • smile April 11, 2016
    Stephen was a huge help in a short amount of time - excellent!

  • smile April 10, 2016
    I had an amazing experience as Stephen was extremely helpful. He answered all of my questions and helped me navigate around the site and get done everything I needed. His suggestions were great & he is very knowledgeable!

  • smile April 10, 2016
    Very professional.

  • smile April 09, 2016
    Stephen was friendly, knowledgable, and quick to find some answers to my question.

  • smile April 09, 2016
    Excellent, fabulous, wonderful help! You were friendly, efficient and right on target with my highly specific need and how to fulfill it! You knew exactly what app could help me and my customers to share confidential information on suggested products! Thanks you very, very much!

  • smile April 08, 2016
    Guru Stephen B. answered my question with no hesitation.

  • smile April 08, 2016
    It was good :)

  • smile April 06, 2016
    He was really good. Very good customer service.

  • smile April 06, 2016
    Thanks for the quick turnaround :)

  • smile April 05, 2016
    The man, Stephen B, he's the man.

  • smile April 05, 2016
    Many thanks for the patient responses from Stephen.

  • smile April 05, 2016
    Placed a late night chat and was able to rely on the alertness of Stephen. Thank you for being patient with me!

  • smile April 03, 2016
    Great Thanks!!

  • smile April 03, 2016
    Thank you! I hope this case is resolved fairly! :-)

  • smile April 03, 2016
    Good help

  • smile April 01, 2016
    Very helpful. I needed help setting a theme and for products i chose crafts and hobbies there is really nothing on the list that describes my product.

  • smile April 01, 2016
    Stephen went above and beyond! I've been in contact with countless experts and he was the most helpful by far for he was extremely well versed and knowledgeable Furthermore, the very few topics he was not too familiar with, He showed interest in learning about in order to help myself and future clients. Simply great!

  • smile April 01, 2016
    I just needed one question answered. thanks!!

  • smile March 31, 2016
    Thank you so much for emailing me back. Good customer service. Thanks

  • smile March 31, 2016
    Kind, quick and accurate. Thanks

  • smile March 31, 2016
    Very responsive - and very fast - i got my answers quickly and accurately. thank u so much

  • smile March 29, 2016
    Stephen was very knowledgeable.

  • smile March 28, 2016
    Very patient and cheerful! Great customer experience.

  • smile March 27, 2016
    Great and fast customer service

  • smile March 27, 2016
    The rep answered all my questions and help me find a working solution for my business at the most cost effective price! Thanks!

  • smile March 26, 2016
    It was fast, to the point and one of the friendliest support interactions I've had. ever. :)

  • smile March 26, 2016
    Steven was absolutely amazing!!!!! He knew more than my technical person that usually works with Shopify for me. But my technical person is too busy to work on my website at the moment. That is okay!!! Steven was amazing!!!

  • smile March 25, 2016
    The dude was chill

  • smile March 25, 2016
    Stephen was a great help. Very polite and efficient!

  • smile March 24, 2016
    Stephen answered all my questions and was extremely patient, ensuring I completed all the steps before moving on. Excellent customer service!

  • smile March 24, 2016
    I really love your company and so far you are top notch.

  • smile March 23, 2016
    He was very fast and accurate with the information he provided !

  • smile March 22, 2016
    Stephen was a phenomenal help and an asset to the team! Give the man a raise.

  • smile March 22, 2016
    It was super easy, super quick and my question was answered within seconds! You are amazing!

  • smile March 21, 2016
    He was wonderful!

  • smile March 20, 2016
    Great continued support and clarity

  • smile March 19, 2016
    He was very informative and patient with me.

  • smile March 18, 2016
    It was great because I actually got to speak with a "HUMAN" who actually knew exactly how to help ME!!! Stephen is "AWESOME" thank you!!!

  • smile March 18, 2016
    The agent was awesome and helpful

  • smile March 17, 2016
    Very helpful, thanks!

  • smile March 17, 2016
    Stephen was very knowledgeable, professional, upbeat, great sense of humor and patient. He answered all my questions in details and did not make me feel stupid. He walked through the steps to get me set up for Canada sales tax. He also educated me on the various ways I can get my Shipping rates automatically calculated and provided me info on Shopify plans.

  • smile March 17, 2016
    Stephen was very helpful, answered all my questions professional and it made me want to use your services.

  • smile March 17, 2016
    Fast response from Stephan and fixed my problemMany thanks Stephan :)

  • smile March 17, 2016
    Fast, friendly and accurate

  • smile March 16, 2016
    Very helpful, answered all my questions!! :)

  • smile March 15, 2016
    Quick, fast, efficient and kind

  • smile March 14, 2016
    Stephen was very patient and understood what I was inquiring about even over chat. Very smart guy and definitely helpful.

  • smile March 13, 2016
    Friendly support. Quick response. Helpful

  • smile March 12, 2016
    Stephen provided quick answers to all my questions

  • smile March 11, 2016
    Stephen was amazing and tried to accommodate my unorthodox requests.

  • smile March 11, 2016
    Stephen B was nice and very helpful.

  • smile March 10, 2016
    Very professional and patience with customers that's not yet familiar with Shopify.

  • smile March 10, 2016
    Thanks for persisting Stephen...I will check it out on monday at work.

  • smile March 10, 2016
    Very efficient. Stephen was very nice and friendly, while helping.

  • smile March 09, 2016
    I was helped with every problem I had and was able to resolve all of them. I'm very pleased with the support.

  • smile March 08, 2016
    He walked me through the issue, but via email. I didn't have to feel pressure to figure it out quickly while he was waiting on the chat. Even though his first suggestion didn't work, he came up with another alternative that will totally work. Thanks Stephen B!

  • smile March 08, 2016
    Shopify has been great with an older designer myself who has never had an eccommerce site until now!

  • smile March 07, 2016
    Thanks for help

  • smile March 07, 2016
    Stephen was great. responsive and answered my question.

  • smile March 06, 2016
    My experience with Stephen has been nothing but outstanding. Friendly and knowledgeable.

  • smile March 06, 2016
    Very helpful and will be following up to my questions

  • smile March 06, 2016
    Was able to answer all of my questions for me

  • smile March 05, 2016
    Thank you great job...

  • smile March 05, 2016
    Stephen made the support experience great by understanding exactly what was needed and being very prompt.

  • smile March 04, 2016
    My experience was amazing with Stephen. He went over and beyond for my concerns and questions. Take notes people!!!!

  • smile March 04, 2016
    Communicated clearly and understood my issue.

  • smile March 03, 2016
    Stephen was wonderful! Perfect experience.

  • smile March 01, 2016
    Fast, courteous, and very knowledgeable service!!!

  • smile March 01, 2016
    Stephen had a very friendly and humble attitude that made me feel like he would stick with me on this and if he would not be able to help with this problem, he would find someone that could. In the end, he fixed something my web developer had never even addressed and has given me some suggestions to try for other problems. Time well spent! Now I can go to bed knowing I may have good news tomorrow. :)

  • smile March 01, 2016
    My question was answered and it was an easy fix.

  • smile February 28, 2016
    Thank you so much for being friendly helpful voice to a new customer. Much appreciated.

  • smile February 28, 2016
    Stephen was great, and even better he laughed at all my jokes.

  • smile February 27, 2016
    He was friendly and helpful thanks

  • smile February 27, 2016
    The agent was very knowledgeable and was able to direct me to the information I was looking for quickly. Super friendly, really wanted to help out.

  • smile February 26, 2016
    GREAT, GREAT, GREAT. Thanks.

  • smile February 26, 2016
    Friendly guru with quick answers.

  • smile February 26, 2016
    Very informative and knew what themes to recommend thank you!

  • smile February 24, 2016
    Understanding to what I was speaking about

  • smile February 24, 2016
    Thank you,

  • smile February 23, 2016
    I'm dyslexic and slow to type so I really need a person to ask rather than paragraph after paragraph of help notes on a screen

  • smile February 21, 2016
    Stephen was very helpful in identifying and testing my issue with shipping. He even went above and beyond and offered advice on setting up inclusive shipping rates! Way to go :) really appreciate the great help.

  • smile February 21, 2016
    Got the answer I needed.

  • smile February 20, 2016
    So helpful !!

  • smile February 19, 2016
    Stephen is patient, nice and helpful

  • smile February 18, 2016
    Although our problem was not solved he reassured us that he would take care of it immediately.

  • smile February 18, 2016
    Thanks for for your attention and focus. You were very helpful.

  • smile February 18, 2016
    This guy was just amazing ! thank you!!!!!!!!

  • smile February 17, 2016
    He was very knowledgeable and had an answer for every question I had!!

  • smile February 16, 2016
    Amazing service

  • smile February 16, 2016
    Quick response. Friendly advice.

  • smile February 15, 2016
    Support was awesome!

  • smile February 15, 2016
    Simply friendly and helpful person.

  • smile February 15, 2016
    I was blindsided by an unexpected huge first one...and I hadn't even finished setting the shop up yet. I was shocked and angry. Stephen was so nice, understanding and helpful that I came away from the experience with a very positive feeling about Shopify, even tho I ended up cancelling my account. Because of his helpfulness and kindness, I will probably be back to reopen the store at a later date when I understand more about how it works.

  • smile February 14, 2016
    Finally, someone that could help!!! Thank you so much!

  • smile February 14, 2016
    Quite a prompt response and to the point.

  • smile February 12, 2016
    I talked with Steve, he was so helpful and positive even though I chatted late 11pm

  • smile February 12, 2016
    Steven was so helpful, I can say I definitely got some great answers and tips. Steven was also very patient with me (I'm technologically challenged) as I explained as best as I could my issues and lack of understanding for your system. We need more people like Steven!

  • smile February 11, 2016
    What an awesome guy, thank you for your help!!!

  • smile February 11, 2016
    Always nice

  • smile February 10, 2016
    Stephen was awesome...He knew his stuff!!!

  • smile February 08, 2016
    Support was great and super helpful!

  • smile February 06, 2016
    Steven is very good at listening and he took care of the issue. Thank you!

  • smile February 06, 2016
    He was very helpful and courteous

  • smile February 06, 2016
    Stephen was very helpful in understanding the issue and explaining me the probable reason behind the same.. Thanks :)

  • smile February 04, 2016

  • smile February 04, 2016
    :-) !!

  • smile February 03, 2016
    Answered all my questions, was calm and nice, very understanding. I am going to get a website now because of this chat.

  • smile February 01, 2016
    Stephen sold me on Shopify. I have been considering Shopify for sometime but now I am sold. He let me know he would actually be there if I needed help.

  • smile January 31, 2016
    Stephen was very helpful and went out of his way to really help me. For this I am very grateful and appreciative Thank You

  • smile January 30, 2016
    Answered quickly and found out my problem and delivered a solution all within minutes :)

  • smile January 30, 2016
    Steve was super helpful on our chat. Nice job!

  • smile January 29, 2016
    Stephen B was so incredibly patient and informative. This is our first time launching an online business and it can be an overwhelming experience...Stephen walked me through all the steps, answered all my questions in a concise manner and left me feeling really good about Shopify. Stephen is definitely an asset.

  • smile January 28, 2016
    Stephenwas fantastic. Very helpful and walked me through all the steps to fix my issue Thanks again!

  • smile January 27, 2016
    Great job Helping me Monday night Stephen, keep up the great work.

  • smile January 27, 2016
    He was AWESOME!!!!!

  • smile January 25, 2016
    Very good customer service! :)

  • smile January 24, 2016
    Stephen was very quick to trouble shoot and offered fast simple solution. Thank you!

  • smile January 23, 2016
    Stephen was so helpful, patient and knowledgeable he even got onto a call with with me so that I could correct my domain challenges.

  • smile January 23, 2016
    He answered late night. Got me on my way to a possible first sale.

  • smile January 16, 2016
    Stephen edited my "order confirmation" email for me. Others didn't even bother helping me in the past. Stephen did.

  • smile January 15, 2016
    There was a problem with my tax rate and it was solved. thank you.

  • smile January 15, 2016
    Stephen was very helpful and patient trying to solve my questions.

  • smile January 13, 2016
    He was very informative and gave me some ideas

  • smile January 13, 2016
    Very helpful and polite

  • smile January 13, 2016
    The support was very kind and experienced.

  • smile January 12, 2016
    They were fast and incredibly helpful/friendly

  • smile January 12, 2016
    Stephen was very cheerful and helpful

  • smile January 09, 2016
    Very patient! We had numerous questions and he took his time explaining and made sure we understood. Fantastic help!!!!

  • smile January 08, 2016
    Steven did an awesome major answering all of my questions.

  • smile January 07, 2016
    Clear instructions and a quick fix.

  • smile January 07, 2016
    Fixed my problem quickly

  • smile January 07, 2016
    I thought I had a giant major problem...BUT I was mistaken. Once I spoke to Stephan my problem was almost solved instantly. It just took a little code removal in my cart liquid file. Every single time I need something you exceed my expectations.. Thanks again.

  • smile January 06, 2016
    Quick answers. Awesome help. Thanks

  • smile January 02, 2016
    Perfect as always!!