Hire me to complete small or basic Shopify tasks that take less than an hour to complete. Guaranteed refund if task is not completed within 7 days.*

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For almost every option listed above, I will need access to your Shopify store in order to complete the task.

1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings, then click Account.
2. In the Staff members section, click on Add a staff member.
3. Enter a first name, last name, and email address.

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I currently offer 31 approved small tasks to pick from. Don't see your task listed in the list of options? Select "Custom Task" and then submit more details.


One task does not guarantee an hour of design/setup time - meaning you can't load me up with 3-5 tasks and hope I can do them all in an hour.


Small tasks are considered anything that will take me less than one hour to complete. If you're uncertain of if your task is eligible or not, please reach out via the widget in the bottom left-hand corner of the site, or via email at support@stephensworld.ca. Due to the nature of ecommerce (and building websites), it's hard to list every single thing I am able to do for you, but here are some examples of past tasks.


- Small design & style changes
- Small graphic and image edits (optimization & resizing)
- Quick Shopify app configurations
- Help setting up a section on your homepage
- Shopify app recommendations
- Billing, payout and payment gateway questions
- Shopify best practice questions
- Basic copywriting

Not Accepted:

- Major custom coding changes/modifications
- Advanced SEO or Analytics set-up
- Complicated development of new functionality
- Full theme setups
- Large repetitive data entry
- Extensive copywriting


Large tasks are anything which would take me longer than 1 hour to complete. If your requested task will take longer than 1 hour to complete, it will most likely be split into multiple smaller tasks, or worst case, declined.

With that said, I am willing to take on larger tasks but those will need to be negotiated on a case by case basis. If your task cannot be split up into multiple smaller tasks, but you're still interested in hiring me, then please get in contact by using the widget in the bottom left-hand corner of the site, or via email at support@stephensworld.ca.


If you've purchased my Technical Support subscription, then you most likely have free Pay Per Tasks each month, and will gain priority in my work load queue. In this case, please email me your tasks directly. Any unused tasks do not carry over into the next month.


I do my absolute best to respond to all requests in a timely matter, but if you're looking for extra fast responses, you can gain priority in my work load queue by purchasing a Technical Support subscription. Essentials subscribers get increased priority, and Premium subscribers get the highest priority.

I pride myself on time management, and believe I have a great system in place for getting back to customers/clients as quickly as possible. However, during holidays or sales events (BFCM, Christmas, etc.) this extra bit of priority could make the difference between waiting a full day, or only a couple of hours.

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