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Setup Packages


Have me provide instructions and recommendations, specific to your project, and troubleshoot any issues that occur. This is a collaborative process where we work together to complete the project.

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Step 1: Signup for a Shopify Account - If you want me to create your Shopify account as a development store so that you have an unlimited trial period.
Step 2: Pick the Right Shopify Plan - If you're migrating from another platform and are already making sales, provide me with your monthly sales estimate and I will do the math to find out which plan is best for you, based on the transaction and/or payment fees offered by Shopify. 
Step 3: Choose a Theme (Template/Layout) - If you're looking for something specific, I will go through the theme store for you to find a theme that supports the feature or functionality you require.
Step 4: Add your Products  - If you have many products to sell and need help tagging them accurately, so that they can be added to automated collections.
Step 5: Create Product Collections - If you want me to create your automated collections for you.
Step 6: Setup Domain & Email Address - If you want me to setup your domain & send-from email (no additional monthly fee) using your forwarding address.
Step 7: Add Payment Gateway(s) - If you need me to recommend third-party payment gateways because you can't use Shopify Payments.
Step 8: Edit Checkout Settings - If you want me to setup your checkout settings for you.
Step 9: Setup Shipping Fees - If you want me to setup your shipping rates for you.
Step 10: Confirm Tax Settings - If you want me to setup a tax override collection (to charge a different amount of taxes for a specific group of products).
Step 11: Create Custom Content Pages - If you want me to create up to 5 additional content pages for you (look-book, publications, events, etc).
Step 12: Add a Blog - If you want me to import your blog posts from another platform, using an RSS feed.
Step 13: Setup Navigation Menu - If want me to setup multi-level navigation menus (for stores with many categories and subcategories).
Step 14: Import Past Customers - If you want me to import your past clients for you.
Step 15: Add Discount/Coupon Codes - If you want me to create your discount codes for you.
Step 16: Set SEO Title & Meta Description - If you want me to edit the SEO titles and meta descriptions for all of your site's pages and up to 25 products.
Step 17: Link Google Analytics - If you want me to link Google Analytics to your store for you.
Step 18: Add Facebook Tracking Pixel - If you want me to add the Facebook tracking pixel for you.
Step 19: Setup Facebook Sales Channel - If you want me to setup the Facebook sales channel for you (must have a Facebook business page already created).
Step 20: Confirm General Settings - If you want me to edit how prices are shown on your site (ie. remove decimals and round prices up).
Step 21: Support Selling Gift Cards - If you want me to setup a gift-card product for you.
Step 22: Customize Email Notifications - If you want me to customize your email notifications' logo and primary colour for you.
Step 23: Add & Setup Apps (Plugins) - If you want me to setup extra apps (up to 5) for you.
Step 24: Remove Storefront Password - If you plan on keeping the store password-protected until your launch party and want me to clean up the "coming soon" page.
Step 25: Add Staff Accounts - If you have multiple staff members (limited or full permissions) and want me to add them for you.
Step 26: Submit Sitemap to Google - If you want me to submit your sitemap to Google's webmaster tools for indexing.
Step 27: Minor Coding Edits - If you want me to apply the 3 minor coding edits for you (remove "powered by Shopify" text, open external links in new tabs, and selecting product variants by their image).
Step 28: Double-check for Grammar Errors - If you want me to proof read and edit all of your content pages (not products or blogs) and homepage for grammar errors.
Step 29: Test on Multiple Devices - If you want me to test your site on multiple devices and report any issues or bugs found.
Step 30: Market your Store - If you want me to recommend (with tailored justifications to your specific business) how to spend your marketing budget.


Included in each Professional Setup Package (without any addons selected) is as follows:

- Shopify account signup/creation.
- Theme setup using best-practices and optimizations.
- Homepage design using built-in theme sections and any graphics you provide.
- Adding and editing up to 25 products for you.
- Basic navigation menu with single-level drop-downs. 
- Policies page, About Us page, and Contact Us page.
- Installation and setup of up to 5 apps of your choosing.
- Instructions, guidance, and recommendations as we build the store.
- Double-checking each step to make sure everything is done correctly.
- Troubleshooting and generating workarounds if/when we run into any issues.
- 30 days of additional follow-up support.


The Deluxe Setup Package is a combination of both the Professional Setup Package and all of the available extra help addons. If you choose the Deluxe Setup Package then do not select any of the extra help addons, as they're already included in the price. Deluxe setup packages include 60 days of additional follow-up support, instead of the regular 30 days of additional follow-up support.


If you're not afraid to roll up your sleeves and get involved, then this is the perfect opportunity to (1) build a store from the ground up with an Official Shopify Expert, (2) learn how to use the entire Shopify platform, and (3) make sure that everything is done correctly.

There will be a fair amount of work for you to do, but I will be there with you, every step of the way. We will take things one step at a time - working at your preferred pace - as we complete the entire setup process, using my Shopify Setup Guide as our north star. I will double-check that everything has been successfully setup correctly for each step, before moving onto the next.

To further clarify, you will be doing most of the actual setup (unless you select extra help addons to have me complete specific steps for you). My goal will be to make sure you know what you're doing at all times, and that you're setting up everything correctly. You can ask me any/all questions you have as we go, and I will provide in-depth instructions and answers specific to your store when needed.

All Shopify accounts used for Setup Packages must be created one of two ways at signup, either (1) through my Shopify referral link - click here - or (2) as a development store through my Partners Portal - please see the extra help addon under "Step 1 - Signup for a Shopify Account" for more details on this option. 

If you already know how to use Shopify, don't need follow-up support, and/or would rather have me setup absolutely everything (with you being involved as little as possible, beyond placing your order), then you should consider purchasing a Custom Website instead of a Setup Package.


Setup Packages must be completed within 60 days of placing your order (30 days for setup + 30 days of follow-up support) for Professional Setup Packages, and within 90 days of placing your order (30 days for setup + 60 days of follow-up support) for Deluxe Setup Packages.

This should be more than enough time to get everything done. Some steps are definitely longer than others, but if we can average even 1 step per day, then the store will be done within a month. Of course, I'm more than happy to do multiple steps per day, as we will work at your preferred pace.

If you're not able to complete the store setup within 60/90 days of placing your order - and still require my services - then you will need to purchase an additional Setup Package. I can offer a 50% discount on all additional Setup Packages purchased for the same store. Please request a custom invoice (via email) if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

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