Step 15: Add Discount (Coupon) Codes

Step 15: Add Discount/Coupon Codes

If you're looking to set up any promotional discount codes/vouchers that customers can input during the checkout process to get a deal on their order, then you can do so simply by setting up a Shopify discount code. 

To setup a discount code:

Go to your Shopify Admin > Discounts > Click the "Create discount" button. 

You can create discount codes for:

- a percentage of the order off
- a fixed dollar amount off
- free shipping
- buy X get Y

Discount codes

The first 3 options are fairly easy and straight forward to set up, but the last one can take a bit of finessing to get used to. For percentages and fixed amounts, you can select specific products/collections to apply the discount to, or else select all products. For free shipping, there's an option to offer it only for specific countries, and also an option to exclude shipping rates over a certain amount. 

You also have the option to set minimum amounts:

- Minimum purchase amount ($)
- Minimum quantity of items

For the buy X get Y option, you can set it to either:

- Minimum quantity of items
- Minimum purchase amount

It is possible to setup the codes to be only usable by certain customer groups (ex. wholesalers, repeat customers, etc.) but you would first have to set up Customer Groups in order to use this feature. Otherwise, you can set the discount for everyone, or else a specific customer. Most of the discount codes you generate will most likely be promotional, meaning that any/all customers can use them. 

If you're looking to limit the number of times the discount code can be used, then you have two options (and they can both be used simultaneously):

- limit number of times this discount can be used in total
- limit to one per customer (this is based off of the customer's email address)

The last option you have to work with is a date-range. If you only want the discount code to be valid during a specific period of time, you can use the date range to set the start and end dates. This also means that you can set the code to activate at a later time. If you don't want the discount code to expire, simply do not put in an end-date and the code will last indefinitely (or until you delete it manually). 

Need more help with this step? Check out Shopify's help docs for discount codes by clicking here.