Step 14: Import Past Customers

Step 14: Import Past Customers

If you're migrating from another platform to Shopify, you may want to import your customer list (if not, you can skip this step). There are two ways to do this: (1) manually import the customers, one at a time, or (2) bulk import the customers using a CSV spreadsheet file.

A) To manually add customers:

Go to your Shopify Admin > Customers > Click the "Add customer" button.

From here, simply fill out all of the required fields and click save. Repeat this process for each customer you wish to add. 

B) To bulk import customers:

Go to your Shopify Admin > Customers > Click "Import Customers" at the top of the page > Select the your customer CSV spreadsheet from your computer > Click the "Import customers" button.

In order to do a bulk customer import, you will need to be using the correct formatting for your CSV spreadsheet file. The column titles, and values accepted in each, are very specific. 

I recommend downloading the example CSV file and then working from and editing it to include all of your customer details. If you have a third-party CSV file with all of your customer details, you should just be able to copy and paste the data from that into the Shopify CSV, under the correct columns. 

Below is a table (from the Shopify help docs) outlining the column titles, and what values to put in each column. 

First Name The first name of the customer.
Last Name The last name of the customer.
Email The email address of the customer.
Company The name of the company that customer uses if applicable.
Address1 The first line of the customer's address.
Address2 The second line of the customer's address, if necessary.
City The city the customer lives in.
Province The province or state the customer lives in. You must also enter the Province Code if this field is completed.
Province Code The province or state ISO code. Shopify uses ISO alpha 2 codes.
Country The country the customer lives in.
Country Code The country ISO code. Shopify uses ISO alpha 2 codes.
Zip The postal or zip code for the customer's address.
Phone The customer's phone number.
Accepts Marketing Sets whether or not the customer agrees to subscribe to email marketing, such as a newsletter. Valid entries are yes or no.
Total Spent The customer's total amount spent. Valid entries must not have a currency symbol included. This field will not be imported with customer details.
Total Orders The customer's total number of orders. This field will not be imported with customer details.
Tags A comma-separated list of tags used to tag the customer (for example, tag1,tag2,tag3).
Note Additional information about the customer.
Tax Exempt Indicates if the customer is tax exempt.

Need more help with this step? Check out Shopify's help docs for importing customers by clicking here.