Step 20: Confirm General Settings

Step 20: Confirm General Settings

Before you launch your store, you will want to confirm that your General Settings are all set correctly. 

Sign into your Shopify admin > Settings > General.

There are three sections of information you will need to provide.

A) Store Details

Store Name - Put in your store's name. Try to keep it as short as possible without any 'fluff'. There's no need for including keywords or anything like that. 

Account Email - Your customers won't see this email address. This is purely for notification purposes, if Shopify needs to email you anything (as the account owner). 

Customer Email - This is the email your customers will see when they're emailed notifications about their order.

B) Store Address

Legal Name of Business - If you don't have an official legal business name, then use the same name that you put as the "Store Name" in the section above this one.

Phone Number & Address - Your customers won't see this, as it's pretty much used only for verification purposes with Shopify's support, or if they ever need to reach out to you in an emergency (which almost never happens). If you don't have a business address/number, then just use your home phone & address. 

C) Standards & Format

Time Zone - This is the timezone that you as the store owner uses, rather than the time zone of your customers. The time zone is used for admin purposes only, so your customers shouldn't see things in this time zone. 

Unit System & Default Weight - This is definitely personal preference to the store owner. It's usually best to set these to whatever your product details are provided in (if you're getting them from a supplier). 

Currency - This should be set to the main currency of your store (ie. what you want to be paid in when you get orders). You can only have one currency for the store, but customers can still checkout using payment options with other default currencies (it will just been converted into your store's currency at checkout).

Order ID Format - I recommend leaving these options as blank. These are basically used to add letters/numbers before the order ID's. By default, if you leave them blank, your order ID's will start with: #1001, #1002, #1003, ... and so on. If you set a prefix or suffix, it will add the tag you set to before or after the number, like this: #SW1001A, #SW1002A, #SW1003A ... and so on (where "SW" is the prefix, and "A" is the suffix). It's usually only worth adding the prefix or suffix if you're working with more than one Shopify store, under the same name (ie. separate stores for different locations, etc.).

Need more help with this step? Check out Shopify's help docs for store settings by clicking here.